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'The *EVOLUTION* of Man'???

The Aquarian Zone's Back Alley is where our minds
twist and bend in appreciation for all the humour
hidden within our dramas.
The Masks of Comedy and Tragedy - the stuff our lives are made of!
We're here because we're here because we're here because we're here!!!   Too Much `90s
millennium blues
Bye Bye Nineties!!!

Feeling Old?
Feeling Old?

How to Be UnHappy

Happy? UnHappy? Happy? UnHappy?

How to Be Happy

Blink Blink

*S* is for Stupid

T-Shirts We Would Wear
(in the Back Alley)

Dogs can teach People a whole lot of stuff! What I Learned from My Dog Wow! I'm stunned!

What I Learned from My Pig
plus LuLu's story!

Humans are ridiculous! Human Survey
They said WHAT??!

McDonald's Application
'ya gotta love this guy!

Yikes!  That's no mouse!  I'm out-a-here Computer Chuckles Warning! Return Home!

Dark Sucker Theory

Canadian, eh?
Canadian, eh?
Oooh! Can you put 'that' on the net?! Over 18 I'll show you some funny stuff!


Coming Soon!

We're Working on it.....   * Dilbert's Words
* Time Management
* Stephen Wright is Right
* Buttons We Would Wear

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