Little Corner of Heaven

for those who have moved on to the
Higher planes to continue their journeys from there.

Special Blessings to New Angels
Much Loved & Much Missed

New Angel: Paulette WalshPaulette Walsh
April 4, 1961 - December 20, 2008
"Pauli" now you are with your mother!
I'll miss you my soul-mate-sister!
Love, Mary-Jo

Edith Pereira Fontes New Angel: Edith Pereira Fontes
Edith Pereira Fontes

Jose's Beloved Star
His Most Precious
& Sweetest Mom

    March 22, 1933 - August 15, 2008    
Mom, Put Light on My Path Before We Meet again.
Love is too small a word to express what I feel for you.

Jerry DeVincentis New Angel: Jerry DeVincentis
Jerry DeVincentis

Loving Husband
& Father

    June 5, 1943 - April 28, 2008    

Carol - 1997 New Angel: Carol Anne Munyer
Carol Anne Munyer

( born: Carol Ann Parr )

True Friend
Precious Sister
Loving Mother
Beautiful Wife

Shine On You Crazy Diamond!
    May 14, 1955 - January 21, 2007    
Shining Baby   Possibilities   The 60s   Wedding 1979
Sisters-1989   Her Angel, Michael/Micah

New Angel: Jesse Lee JohnstonJesse Lee Johnston
January 29, 1984 - October 16, 2006
You most gentle of Souls . . .
      In your Miracle Place you will always be Loved!

New Angel: Steve Irwin: Crocodile HunterSteve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter
Crocodile Tears for Steve February 22, 1962 - September 4, 2006
Best Friend to All the Earth's Creatures

New Angel: Wendy JonesWendy Jones
April 8, 1956 - August 21, 2006
Gentle Spirit, Best Friend, Wonderful Mother and Wife
your spirit soars and is always with me in my heart
                          ... you are a true angel
... I will always love you
... peace is yours now     ~ Carol      

New Angel: Alan BuckleyAlan Buckley
Sept. 17, 1952 - May 13, 2006
Beloved Son, Husband, Father and Grandfather

New Angel: Maviael Idelfonso da CostaMaviael Idelfonso da Costa
José's Beloved Uncle

New Angel: Antenor Custodio GomesAntenor Custodio Gomes
José's Beloved Godfather

New Angel: Orminda Pereira GomesOrminda Pereira Gomes
José's Beloved Godmother

Vickie is off on her new adventure! Vickie Jo New Angel: Vickie Jo Thurston Philips
Thurston Philips

Best Friend,
Sister and Aunt,
Mom and Grandma

how we were - 1962
I will always walk down Primrose Lane with you! Primrose Lane: Click to LISTEN
Happy that Morey and Bill were there to greet you!
Aug. 9, 1946 - Jan. 12, 2006

New Angel: Vera KavolinasVera Kavolinas
August 3, 1932 - Nov. 18, 2005
Your warmth and sincerity will never be forgotten!
Bon Voyage from all of us at Phoenix Bookstore

New Angel: Thomas RichardsonThomas Richardson
July 7, 1928 - Oct. 18, 2005
Bon Voyage from all of us at the old 'Mystic Arts'

New Angel: Brandon CaldwellBrandon Caldwell
September 4, 2005
Beloved son of Deborah
Please let him be with me always.

New Angel: Richard G.Richard G.
November 1998
Please let him be with us always:
Haley, Delanie and Deborah

New Angel: William James Hughes, Jr.Bill Hughes
September 6, 1943 - March 29, 2005
Beloved husband, father, grandfather of 5 & forever friend
with a special Bon Voyage from the Road'ers!
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New Angel: Heather Catherine Jean 'Rolleston' ColemanHeather Catherine Jean
      (Rolleston) Coleman
March 29, 1947 - Oct. 30, 2004
Missed by your Family and all of us at the old 'Mystic Arts'

New Angel: Harriett Frances CooperHarriett Frances Cooper
June 23, 1911 - December 27, 2001
Roberta Cooper's beloved mother

Roberta Charmaine Walker   RobertaNew Angel: Roberta
    Charmaine Walker

Every memory playing across my mind is one of
laughter, mental stimulation and good times!
                      ~ psyche
April 8, 1969 - Sept. 28, 2004

New Angel: George ArmstrongGeorge Armstrong, 55
June 19, 2004
Loving Husband & Friend

New Angel: Bernard Joseph RielBernard Joseph Riel   Bernie happily sails on...!
Bernie's smile lives on...! Bernie Riel
is the Eternal Mariner,
sailing the Highest of Seas,
charting the course for all of his
loved ones to follow. Click to
read his farewell poem:
As I Sail Away

January 16, 1920 - June 2, 2004

so young
so gifted
so generous
Jason Davies
* only 29 *
Feb. 26, 2004
see him in our Star Garden
New Angel: Jason Davies
Visit his web-site: Widget's World
Please read our personal Jason story.

The MOOSE bellows farewell to one of its own! Morey ThurstonNew Angel: Morey Thurston

4th level member of
Moose Lodge

Terrific dad, granddad, great-granddad
War veteran, member of American Legion
April 30, 1921 - Feb. 26, 2004
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New Angel: Kt. BoehrerKt. Boehrer   May your Light always shine brightly!
Revolutionary Astrologer and truly a Grand Lady,
author of 'Declination: The Other Dimension'
has joined the ranks amongst our Star Lights.
Please visit her in our Star Garden
Sept. 25, 1923 - Jan. 3, 2004
"You know, it's awfully undignified at the age of 80
to spend as much time giggling as I do!!"  Oct.15/03

New Angel: Leona WattsLeona Watts
May 23, 2003
Beloved wife, mother, grandmother,
sister, aunt & sister-in-law

New Angel: Arlen CloseArlen Close
Nov. 29, 2003
Beloved husband, father, grandfather,
brother, uncle & brother-in-law

New Angel: ElsieElsie

New Angel: Bill A. MasonBill A. Mason
Nov. 14, 1927 ~ Nov. 27, 2003
You were always so special to
me since I was a little girl.
You were always there for me.
I will never forget you! - Mary

 New Angels: Lois Rodden, Nikaiah Jaguar and Dr.Zipporah Dobyns!         New Angels: Lois Rodden, Nikaiah Jaguar and Dr.Zipporah Dobyns!         New Angels: Lois Rodden, Nikaiah Jaguar and Dr.Zipporah Dobyns!    
Eternal Discovery continues!

We have suddenly lost three astrologers in three days.
*       *       *       *       *       *       *
      Nikaiah Jaguar, Vancouver, BC
SEPT. 8, 1949 ~ JUNE 5, 2003
Lois Rodden, AstroDataBank
MAY 22, 1928 ~ JUNE 5, 2003
Dr. Zipporah Dobyns
AUG. 26, 1921 ~ JUNE 7, 2003

*       *       *       *       *       *       *
Please visit our Star Garden to see them.

 New Angel: Terry 'Butch' PriceTerry 'Butch' Price
June 15, 1958 - May 9, 2003
Son, Brother, Friend
Beautiful Being

 New Angel: Larry 'Joe' PriceLarry 'Joe' Price
April 18, 1944 - April 26, 2003
Son, Husband, Brother, Friend
Viet Nam Marine
... on earth * B R O T H E R S * in spirit ...

New Angel: Sandie
New Angel: SandieSandie

        at peace

 New Angel: 'Mac', Husband, Father, Grandfather'Mac'
  Husband, Father, Grandfather

New Angel: Kevin Francis Krukowski Kevin Francis Krukowski
Jan. 27, 1956 ~ April 28, 2003
I will always keep YOU in my heart,
'cause that's where YOU were
right from the start!   - Mary

New Angel: John H. Seiber Sr.John H. Seiber Sr.
July 25, 1921 ~ May 22, 2001
The best daddy in the world!

New Angel: Kathleen Marie Seiber-KalickiKathleen Marie Seiber-Kalicki
Dec. 22, 1960 ~ June 23, 2004
I will TREASURE the moments that took our breath away!
I will love you always, my only real sister. ~ Mar

New Angel: Darlene T. SeiberDarlene T. Seiber
August 20, 1947 ~ April 3, 2001
New Angel: Randy Steven LankfordRandy Steven Lankford
Feb. 27, 1958 ~ Nov. 10, 1991
I'll NEVER forget YOU as long as were apart!
Along with you, you also took my heart. - Mary

New Angel: Ella Mae RoumpzElla Mae Roumpz
April 28, 1910 ~ April 12, 2002

New Angel: Eileen Hornbeck, Mama Dip - CLICK for larger view
New Angel: Eileen Hornbeck, Mama Dip, the Serendipity Lady!Eileen Hornbeck
Mama Dip, the
Serendipity Lady
The Happy Face was her symbol: Eileen Hornbeck, Mama Dip, the Serendipity Lady!
Thank You Eileen,
for all the smiles!
      July 10, 1930 ~ January 14, 2003
      Everyone who knew you, Loved You!
        and we know you loved this: Desiderata
        May you always Walk in Beauty


New Angel: Rhiannon Kyra Cowie, only 26 months old - CLICK for larger view

Click for Larger View
New Angel: Rhiannon Kyra Cowie, only 26 months oldRhiannon Kyra Cowie
26 months old on earth
...ageless... in spirit

Click for pic with her twin, Mckayla

Precious Guardian Angel

              Kahlil Gibran's quote 'on Children', from The Prophet

New Angel: Bryanne Voth, only 19Bryanne Voth, only 19

New Angel: Nicholas Klotz, only 24Nicholas Klotz, only 24 New Angel: Nicholas Klotz, only 24 - CLICK for Full View         
Click for Full View (Nick is in red)

      New Angel: Kristi, only 25Kristi, only 25
New Angel: Roak's Beloved JerryRoak's Jerry              
New Angel: Leda SoknackiLeda Soknacki
New Angel: Jose Lins Fontes Jose Lins Fontes                  
New Angel: Hilda Morrison Hilda Morrison
New Angel: Joanne Jantzi Joanne Jantzi
New Angel: Terence McKenna - a great mind called home. Terence McKenna  
Full Story here
New Angel: Robert 'Buz' Myers - a great Light has been called home. We'll miss you, Buz! Robert 'Buz' Myers  
See our Star Garden

Special Blessings
from Chateau Rimbault
'to my loved ones      
      on the other side'
Angel: Papa Papa
Angel: RockydouxRockydoux
Angel: MarylineMaryline
Angel: TatiTati
Angel: MemeMeme



Special Blessings to All New Critter Angels

Our precious Mr.Bob ~ Click for his Tribute!
  Our precious
I'm Bob! Mr.Bob
Click for
his Tribute
Hopi Prayer

  New Angel: 'Chickie'Sweetest Chickie  
Cindy's forever friend
Founder of Chickie Chi Gong

June 18, 1993 - August 29, 2005

Spice, aka Chicken Wing, aka Nurse Chickie

Sweet Sweet Jade   New Angel: JadeSweet,
      Sweet Jade

    Son of Dusty
    Champion of All

September 17, 1997 - January 16, 2007

New Angel: DustyDusty Dusty
Renée's precious Dusty
Grand Matriarch of the Clan
Sister, Mom, Aunt Extraordinaire

Gator is our Guardian Angel Gator, our Guardian Angel Wally's precious Gator, our Guardian Angel

New Angel: Sandy DogSandy Dog Sandy Dog
Renée's buddy
Now she's romping in the ethers with Tasha

New Angel: FrodoFrodo Frodo, Catherine's sidekick for 18 years
Catherine's sidekick for 18 years
1988 - Feb.10, 2006

New Angel: Bronte Bronte Bronte
Aug. 31, 2005
Jeanine's dear little friend
of 12 years. "My little runt, my
Brontelope, Brontesaurus, puppy dear.
I love you my wee doggie heart."
Jeanine's sweet little Bronte

New Angel: Violet, very young, very sweet, sincere little bird. She deserves the very best. Violet Violet
She deserves the very best

New Angel: Aileen's Muffin Muffin Aileen's Muffin
Aileen misses you

New Angel: Baron, Aida's German ShorthairBaron Baron, Aida's German Shorthair       New Angel: Metz, Aida's Cocker SpanielMetz Metz, Aida's Cocker Spaniel
Aida's Special Angels

New Angel: JazzaJazza Jazza ~ much loved and missed
Jan. 2, 2004
Much loved & Missed

New Angel: Tammy's sweet boxer boy 'Otis'Tammy's 'Otis' Tammy's sweet boxer boy 'Otis'
Sweetest Boxer Boy ~ Sept. 7, 2003

New Angel: Lynda's 'Angel'Lynda's 'Angel' Lynda's 'Angel'
Special Friend for 11 years

New Angel: Prim! Precious
Namasté, My Friend
June 30, 2003
Jose's precious Prim! ~ CLICK for Full View with Jose!

New Angel: Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon: 8 1/2 - Dec.15 2001

New Angel: NikkyNikky Nikky, beloved friend for 17 years, lost to cancer May 12, 2003.
Beloved Friend for 17 years

New Angel: Noel's beloved Fritz Fritz Fritz: 17 - July 2001
New Angel: Noel's beloved Sushi Sushi Sushi: 16 - February 2001
New Angel: Noel's beloved Snow Snow Snow: 13 - March 2000
New Angel: Banshee Banshee Banshee, a beautiful, beloved Weimaraner: Feb. 10, 2002

New Angel: Bodhi, precious family dog!Bodhi, precious family dog


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