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Knowledge IS Freedom!

FEATURING:   Richard Bach
- a   R e l u c t a n t   M e s s i a h -

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story - Click to Order Now! Jonathan Livingston
  Seagull: A Story (1970)

- by Richard Bach
The story that brings hope to every reader! Rise above your flock, tribe, or neighborhood
by seeking a higher purpose
in life, like the gull who soars
like a falcon.
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Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - Click to Order Now! Illusions (1977)
- by Richard Bach
'The Adventures of a
Reluctant Messiah' reflects
our collective resistance to
simply 'going with the flow'
rather than presuming that
we know the difference
between Reality & Illusion!
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The Bridge Across Forever - Click to Order Now! Bridge Across
  Forever, The (1984)

- by Richard Bach
The high-flyer meets his match, and wife, in Leslie Parrish, who grounds him and cajoles him into a mature relationship. Great 'get real' guide.
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One - Click to Order Now! One (1988)
- by Richard Bach
An enchanting, lyrical and fascinating joy ride through parallel lifetimes, soul mates, alternate worlds and meeting future and past selves - a real mind-stretcher.

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Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit - Click to Order Now! Running from Safety (1994)
- by Richard Bach
'An Adventure of the Spirit' - This time Richard's flight is introspective as he confronts himself as a young boy who made a promise to himself to write a book about the secrets
of life, happiness & safety.
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A Gift of Wings - Click to Order Now! Gift of Wings, A (1974)
- by Richard Bach
The book of vision that preceded Illusions.  Only a man (with the heart of a falcon) truly born to fly could express the freedom of flight with such exquisite joy.

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Nothing By Chance - Click to Order Now! Nothing By Chance (1969)
- by Richard Bach
Another flying adventure researching his environmental theories one magical summer, as our favorite barnstormer in his antique biplane seeks simplicity.

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Biplane - Click to Order Now! Biplane (1966)
- by Richard Bach
Seeking to understand Time & Space, our wayward pilot learns to navigate by the landscape and weather the storms of life in his 1929 biplane flight from New Jersey to California.

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Stranger to the Ground - Click to Order Now! Stranger to the Ground (1963)
- by Richard Bach
The solo flight of a man alone on a night mission from England to southern France through a harrowing storm conjures our own deepest fears as we read of his brush with death and renews hope as he survives.
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