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Knowledge IS Freedom

Knowledge IS Freedom!

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Goddesses in Every Woman - Click to Order Now! Goddesses in

- by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Lucid & insightful, this crucial work offers seven basic archetypes of the 'feminine' (recognizable astrological signatures) with clear guidelines for balancing deficiencies & excesses.

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Memories, Dreams, Reflections - Click to Order Now! Memories, Dreams,

- by Carl Gustav Jung
'An Autobiography' - You
cannot know his psychology
until you know the 'man.'
An exquisite exposé of his life and mind - the ideal intro into Jungian psychology.

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FEATURED AUTHOR: Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.! See Jean Shinoda Bolen's Featured Author page.
Ego and Archetype - Click to Order Now! Ego and Archetype
- by Edward Edinger
Perhaps the clearest
explanation of Jungian
psychological principles
in one volume, with a
particularly stunning
section on Christianity
and its shadow side.

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The Mythic Tarot SET (book + deck) - Click to Order Now! Mythic Tarot SET
  (book + deck)

- by Liz Greene   Illus. by
- Juliet Sharman-Burke. Impressionistic artwork conducive to intuitive perception combines with the expertly woven overlays of mythology, psychology and tarot symbolism.

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The Grail Legend - Click to Order Now! The Grail Legend
- by Emma Jung &
 Marie-Louise von Franz
The classic tale of the search for the meaning of life. Meet the young knight & the old king in the Castle Perilous: Whom does the Grail serve?

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The Interpretation of Fairy Tales - Click to Order Now! The Interpretation
  of Fairy Tales

- by Marie-Louise von Franz
'Revised Edition' - The Grand Dam of Jungian Psychology swings the doors open wide into the world of myth and fairy tale, as our richest source of life's encodings.

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Androgyny - Click to Order Now! Androgyny
- by June Singer
'The Opposites Within' - The book that brought the word to the masses. Stereotypes are vaporized as we all discover our own duality, and life begins to make sense!

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The Golden Ass of Apuleius - Click to Order Now! The Golden Ass
  of Apuleius

- by Marie-Louise von Franz 'The Liberation of the Feminine in Man' - Contains vital and obscure insights about lessons of humility (or humiliation), hard to find in a patriarchal world.

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Featured Author: Marion Woodman Also see Marion Woodman's Featured Author page.



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