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Knowledge IS Freedom!

FEATURING:   Joseph Campbell
o n   S a c r e d   M y t h o l o g y

- w h e r e   e a s t   m e e t s   w e s t -

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Power of Myth - Click to Order Now! Power of Myth
- by Joseph Campbell
Fully illustrated edition, this classic work epitomizes the panoramic scope of Mr.Campbell's spiritual
vision which interweaves
all threads of belief.
Mythology and theology
will never be the same.
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Power of Myth VHS: 6 video tapes! - Click to Order Now! Power of Myth VHS
- by Joseph Campbell
SIX one-hour video tapes - the only thing better than the book - Joseph Campbell 'live' with all his brilliant insights, soulful passion & impish humour.

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  VIDEO Titles: The Hero's Adventure, The Message
of the Myth, First Storytellers, Sacrifice and Bliss,
Love and the Goddess, and Masks of Eternity.
The Hero With a Thousand Faces - Click to Order Now! Hero With a
  Thousand Faces, The

- by Joseph Campbell
This 1940s classic revealed the heroes and heroines
with whom we share the
mythic paths of our lives
and was the inspiration for
George Lucas' Star Wars.
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Myths to Live By - Click to Order Now! Myths to Live By
- by Joseph Campbell
'How we re-create ancient legends in our daily lives to release human potential' - Joseph Campbell in your pocket! Dozens of short renditions of classic mytho-
logies with his charming,
yet scholarly, discourse.
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A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living - Click to Order Now! Joseph Campbell
  Companion, A

- ed. by Diane K. Osbon
'Relfections on the Art of Living' - Brilliantly selected & edited volume of Campbell's intimate & inspiring narratives, based on his unpublished writings. Beautiful bedside reader.

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The Hero's Journey VHS (1989) - Click to Order Now! Hero's Journey, The
  (1989) VHS

- by Joseph Campbell
'A Biographical Portrait' -
Follow Mr.Campbell's inspired life from a childhood Wild West Show through all the world's religions, as he discovered their common underpinnings & inevitably,
his life's work.
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