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Chi is the natural Life Force that flows through all living things.
There are many ways to attune your energy to the natural
flow of Chi. These are a few.
Qi Gong Classes with Renée Riel! Qi Gong Classes with Renée Riel

Chinese Zodiac and associations! Chinese Zodiac
          Yin-Yang Yin Yang principles
          Calendar Listing of Chinese Birth Years. Chinese Birth Years
          Five Elements in Chinese Philosophy Five Elements

Click to see the I Ching Hexagram of This Moment! I Ching Hexagram of the Moment

    or Consult the Online Oracle here!   or Consult the Online Oracle here!   or Consult the Online Oracle here! Consult Online Oracle

Feng Shui your Home for the best living environment! Feng Shui (fung shway) will
        balance the Chi in your home.
    Use the Bagua as your guide.
See our Recommended Reading List.

  Seven Spiritual Principles of Huna!Seven Spiritual Principles of HunaSeven Spiritual Principles of Huna!

        1.Ike, The world is what you think it is!
        2.Kala, There are no limits!
        3.Makia, Energy flows where attention goes!
        4.Manawa, NOW is the moment of Power!
        5.Aloha, To love is to be happy with.
        6.Mana, All power comes from within.
        7.Pono, Effectiveness is the measure of Truth.

        Huna means 'secret' in Hawaiian, and
        refers to the ancient esoteric wisdom
        of Polynesia, which encourages a oneness
        of Mind and Nature. Further information
        may be found online here.   We highly
        recommend all books on Huna by
        Max Freedom Long, or by Serge King.


Did You Know?

Qi Gong teaches us Five Kinds of Fatigue:
  1. excessive use of the eyes ...... injures the circulatory system
  2. excessive lying down .......... injures the respiratory system
  3. excessive sitting .............. injures the muscles
  4. excessive standing ............ injures the bones
  5. excessive walking/running ..... injures the tendons
BALANCE is the Key!

Any emotional imbalance
can trigger ailments
in the related organ.
  Anger    =   Liver
Fear      =   Kidneys
Worry   =   Spleen
Joy       =   Heart
Sorrow  =   Lungs

For a taste of Zen, visit ~sandwaves~  zenwwweb
      Special Feature:  The Tao of Meow

Joyfully sharing the moment ~ always
Manifesting life with breath ~ now
Being One with All Life
Deeper meaning of Aloha

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