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Knowledge IS Freedom

Divination & Symbolism
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The I Ching Workbook - Click to Order Now! I Ching Workbook, The
- by R.L. Wing
The 'user friendly' accompaniment to the Wilhelm/Baynes edition of
I Ching, - simplistic & clear without losing the true essence of this ancient oracle's wisdom.

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Medicine Cards BOOK - Click to Order Now! Medicine Cards BOOK
- by Jamie Sams
With or without the cards, these totem animals give forth their wisdom through Native American legends
and willingly share it to
guide our every step.

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The Book of Runes - SET (stones + book) - Click to Order Now! The Book of Runes - SET
- by Ralph Blum
25 Rune Stones plus Book,
provide an easy way to tap
into your 'flow' and be illumined
by this Viking-inspired oracle,
an alphabet of meaning.

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Animal-Speak - Click to Order Now! Animal-Speak
- by Ted Andrews
'The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small' - explores dozens of symbolic connections between our lives and the legendary teachings
of the animal totems.
A definite 'keeper.'
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Fey Tarot - SET (deck + book) - Click to see Order Now! Fey Tarot - SET
(deck + book) NEW
- by
Riccardo Minetti,
     artist Mara Aghem
Truly inspired, refreshing and delightful, this deck speaks to your Soul with gentle profundity, brilliant symbolism & joyful prospects.
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Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets - Click to Order Now! Woman's Encyclopedia
  of Myths & Secrets
- by Barbara G.Walker
Unparalleled resource for all categories of 'feminine' symbolism and mythologies, ranging from historical traditions & natural cycles
to plants, animals and goddesses.
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Man and His Symbols - Click to Order Now! Man & His Symbols
- by Carl Gustav Jung
Perhaps the most readable introduction to, and understandable explanation of, the world of symbols and dreams by "The Man" himself, profusely illustrated - a classic & a treasure.

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The Nature of Things - Click to Order Now! The Nature of Things
- by Lyall Watson
'The Secret Life of Inanimate Objects' explores the eternal interaction between all things, lending multi- dimensional meaning to our lives, by the author of the groundbreaking Supernature.

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Inner Pathways to the Divine: Exploring Your Spiritual Self through the Tarot's Major Mentors - Click to Order Now! Inner Pathways
  to the Divine NEW
- by Diane Toland
'Exploring Your Spiritual Self through the Tarot's Major Mentors' - Passing before 22 magic mirrors you meet aspects of yourself, and these archetypal teachers arrange themselves into your own personal tarot mandala.
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Featured Author: ALICE O. HOWELL Also see Alice O. Howell's Featured Author page.



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