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May 2014 Overview

Last month was a kick Ďem out of their seats month, thanks to Uranus/Pluto, the peak of the cardinal cross configuration and two eclipses. We arenít done yet folks. In fact, May will prove to be another major set-it-in-motion month.

May 2, Mercuryís opposition to Saturn takes it as far as it is meant to go. Itís time to confront the wall, to challenge authorityís rules or our own status quo, to take an official step forward, to face what youíve been resisting, to put your money where you mouth is. Across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, Mercury/Saturn can also be a fermenting, provoking or stack the decks influence. Watch for an important announcement from the government, the banking industry, big business, the political arena, from people in positions of authority or with status.

Careers, relationships, and sovereignty are on the line. While the Ukraine government has admitted they have lost control, the pressure cooker situation is building. More sanctions have recently been imposed on Russia. Whatís next? What are the consequences; will there be retaliation? Lakerís owner David Sterling has already been fined for racist slurs. Does the NBA franchise have enough power and consensus to force him to sell? Certainly, a harsh reality is catching up to Toronto May Rob Ford. New videos have forced him to take a leave of absence to deal with his substance abuse issues. Prince Harry is single again, and the world says goodbye to actor Bob Hoskins. (Ah, Roger Rabbit, a beloved modern classic...)

Just a half hour after Mercury opposes Saturn, Venus bolts into Aries, suggesting that whatever is announced or cemented will immediately light a flare Ė or perhaps something more significant. The first seven days of the month are optimized for action taking. Set wheels in motion and watch how far it gets you.

Venus in Aries is the transit to watch. As the ruler of both of Aprilís eclipses, the north node, and the transiting Taurus sun, Venus holds more than the usual potency. To the new moon on May 27, Venus travels in mutual reception with Mars in Libra. When two planets occupy each otherís sign, they double-up on resources. Both Venus and Mars are considered to be in their detriment, a weakened sign placement, but donít expect this condition to diminish the intensity or potency of relationship or finance matters. Quite the opposite is likely. It is a time of critical choice makings, of confronting and/or surpassing a specific karmic intersection. Weíll witness this in politics and in our personal life journeys too.

Venus in Aries is a passionate influence. It will ignite something new in the relationship arena. For some, its excitement, for others, Venus can launch a caustic or volatile chapter. Either way, it is a fast track time. What is most important is that you freely express and honour yourself without doing intentional harm to another. It is a great time to break out of your own mould, to rise to the challenge, to take a risk, and to try something new on for size. Youíll know instantly whether itís right for you or not.

Venus in Aries is feisty and frisky, excitable, impulsive, and combustible. On Motherís day, Venus reaches an opposition with Mars. This day is stacked with aspects; it will surely bring a relationship matter to a head. Do we compete, do we compliment, do we love, do we hate; is it peace or war?

Venus and Mars in opposition put the feedback on the loudspeaker so that we canít miss it. If you are usually the weak one in relationship, this Venus/Mars can help you to stand up for yourself better. If you have good self and relationship awareness, and can share center stage, then this transit can signal a time of fruition and of launching into a vibrant next chapter.

Venus opposing Mars wants what it wants - to be recognized, validated, honoured, and loved just as we are. Fierce Venus in Aries can be uncompromising in this regard. In fact, there can be pleasure in the conquest, no matter how heated or how bloody the battle may get.

May 10/11, there are a host of planetary catalysts to move the above mentioned Venus/Mars matters along. May 14, the Scorpio full moon is accompanied by Venus square Pluto. Raising the tides on all Scorpio matters, this should be quite a potent full moon. May 15, Venus conjunct, Uranus, May 18, Venus squares Jupiter. To repeat, Venus strikes flint on the cardinal cross configuration May 11, 14, 15, and 18. Social, political, economic, geo-physical, or personal, if itís ready to go or to blow, it will.

On May 19, Mars ends retrograde. Since the start of March, Mars retrograde has inhibited the full on action. It has been wise to take a step back, to observe inner thoughts and feelings, to monitor effectiveness or lack of it, and to regroup. As of May 19, Mars is sufficiently informed, re-engaged and on a forward march.

May 24, Jupiter in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio for the third time; this completes a building phase that launched last July. The ground floor is now in place. Neptuneís influence on the new moon May 28 brings more to the surface and/or out into the open. A vulnerable spot, missing key, new avenue or potential can reveal itself. Weíll see what or who has escaped notice previously. Watch for a trend or conversation to catch a stronger wind. The weather and money should be on the move too. From the new moon on May 28 to the end of the month, the stars are on a charged-up move ahead. Stay on watch for clues throughout the month. Mercury will turn retrograde on June 7.

May 14: Full Moon: 12:16 pm (23 Scorpio 55)
May 28: New Moon: 11:40 am (7 Gemini 21)

May 2: Venus into Aries: 6:21 pm
May 7: Mercury into Gemini: 7:57 am
May 16: Pallas Athene into Virgo: 1:14 pm
May 19: Mars stations direct: 6:31 pm (9 Libra 02)
May 27: Vesta stations direct: 3:14 (16 Libra 24)
May 28: Venus into Taurus: 6:46 pm
May 29: Mercury into Cancer: 2:12 am

Dates to watch: May 2 Ė 4, 10 Ė 19, 22, 24, 28, 31

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Sign Overview:

~ from the Eye of Rose^ Aries ~ March 21 to April 19

Attraction planet Venus in Aries can make you an attention-getter or a target. Of course, there can be times when youíll experience both.

If you havenít been able to gather up enough steam to get the engine going yet, you will now. Look to Venus in Aries to refuel you and to keep that fresh spark well lit. When you are hot, youíre hot, thereís no denying it. Youíll also benefit once Mars ends retrograde later on in the month. Let the new you out of the box. It is an appropriate time for a personal, relationship, or professional spruce up. The visual presentation matters just as much as whatís under the hood.

Something or someone new can take you by storm right from the get-go. Youíll know right away whether the opportunity or involvement right for you. May 11 to 20 is a fast track time. A lot can change on a dime. May 10/11 can put you on a push/pull with yourself or another. Everything happens for a reason. Remember this if/when it hits a sudden snap.

Synchronicity can work magic on May 15. This day can be especially opportune, perhaps even lucky. Watch for news or for a significant meet and greet. Itís a great day to schedule a meeting, interview, a social event, or first date.

~ from the Eye of Rose_ Taurus ~ April 20 to May 20

Venus in Aries puts more on brew than readily meets the eye. You are likely to feel it heating up. Mercuryís advance into Gemini on May 7 provides you with more signals, clues or impetuous. By May 11 you canít hide it or deny it any more. Venus/Mars pulls it out into the open. Youíll either hit a break off or breakthrough point. No matter how it plays out, see it as a good thing. It could even be a saving grace. A new dialogue can start from here. Of course, this is a process and there are a number of stages to get through, a number of building blocks to set in place.

The Scorpio full moon on May 14 can be particularly challenging if you are stuck on a particular outcome or are relying on someone to come through for you. Added expenses, money, trust, or abandonment issues can give you a run for it too. On the plus side, thereís an opportunity to make a major turnaround with someone or something. Finances, legal matters, or professional prospects can hit an upswing. A new relationship can get hot and heavy right off the bat.

The end of Mars retrograde can create improvement and opportunity where you need it the most, especially so regarding health, support systems, work, work relationships, scheduling, legal matters, communication channels, and transportation needs.

~ from the Eye of Rose` Gemini ~ May 21 to June 21

You arenít likely to be sitting around wondering what to do with your time. Look to Venus in Aries, starting May 2, and Mercury in Gemini, starting May 7, to push your refresh button and to shift life in the fast lane. Venus in Aries can get you pumped about a new goal, income potential, health regime, community involvement, or a lifestyle choice. A new relationship potential could peak your interest too. Itís an idea time for communication, technology, and social media upgrades.

Best of all, Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini prompts a new can-do dialogue with yourself. Yes, by all means, try the liberated new you on for size. This accelerated personal reinvention chapter should come as a natural progression. Even so, the month ahead can catapult you in some major, perhaps sudden and extreme way. Watch May 10 to 18. Perhaps you already have something in the works for that time, but if you donít, be ready for anything goes. Motherís Day or May 14, 15 could dish up surprise. Venus/Uranus on May 15 can produce a special event, added excitement, a synchronistic meeting, introduction, or opportunity. Someone could make an unexpected appearance too. Depending on where you live, this week could also bring weather extremes or social unrest.

~ from the Eye of Rosea Cancer ~ June 22 to July 22

Whether you are in hot pursuit or circumstances force the envelope, a whole new reality is overtaking you. What it takes to be you, what you need, what you want, whatís working, whatís not, Ė a fresh perspective is simply a natural evolution. You are still steeped in a confront-and-rework process that will continue for some time, but during the month of May, Venus in Aries sets another major paving stone in place. Professionally or personally, Venus in Aries gives you a new target to shoot for and thrusts you into a faster forward. Yes, there are new challenges to face, but thatís no reason to stop or to hold back. It is an ideal time to start a new business, a new career goal or project, or a new personal life status.

Perhaps you have isolated yourself, taken a step back to regroup or reassess during Mars retrograde. As of May 19 when Mars retrograde ends, it will be time to re-engage and to set plans in motion. However, life is in the works long before the retrograde ends. May 2 and May 10/11 can be significant threshold crossing times for relationship and financial matters.

The full moon week (May 12, 13, 15, 16) can be especially opportune and success generating. May 24 to 31, there are a number of planetary influences working in your favour. Mercury in Cancer, starting May 29, the transiting moon in Cancer May 30/31, and the sunís trine to Mars May 31 offers you a great energy, creative, and social boost. The month should end on the upbeat.

~ from the Eye of Roseb Leo ~ July 23 to Aug. 22

An exciting, perhaps even an exceptional month lies ahead. Venus in Aries puts the zip back into the zing. If you were hoping for something or someone new to make life more worthwhile, here it comes. Look to Venus/Uranus, May 15/16 for a special event, new options, a great opportunity, or for someone or something completely out of the blue to sweep you away. Luck and synchronicity can run especially high. Noting that this transit follows just on the heels of the full moon in Scorpio, watch for something unexpected, perhaps a crucial key, to reveal, expose, or explode. From here, it all fires up. Keep an extra eye on security and vulnerable spots. Back up your computer, read the fine print, check your change, your tickets, the rear view mirror, your insurance policy, etc. May 10 to 14 can be a shaping up or finishing off time.

The end of Mars retrograde on May 19 takes the brakes off communications, financial negotiations, social involvement and legal matters. Client work can pick up too. May 24 onward, youíll move on to an easier, more fluid roll.

~ from the Eye of Rosec Virgo ~ Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

Off with the old, on with the new. A new obsession could over take you. Once it does, youíll quickly severe the ties that have kept you tethered or kept you doubting yourself and your choices. May 10 onward, youíll hit a much faster track. Each day is full to the brim with plenty of the new to both challenge and entice you. Youíll pack a lot of living and learning into a short span of time.

Venus in Aries can dish up a new love interest or financial prospect. Too, the competition can give you a run for it. Whether it proves tantalizing or confronting, something could quickly fire up, but just as quickly snuff itself out. If goodie bag really has your name written on it, then the middle of the month will prove to be the cook it up time, and the last week or so of the month will settle it into its groove. Even so, donít get overly comfy. On June 7, Mercury will turn retrograde. This may take you through another make it or break it time. Continue to stay sharp, to feel your way along, and stay ready to pounce. You could spot a fresh opportunity, perhaps one that another has missed.

While Mercury and the sun are in Gemini, itís important to diversify, to keep it fresh, and up to speed. Venus in Aries is a great influence to explore new products, services, and money making avenues. You could discover a niche thatís just right for you.

~ from the Eye of Rosed Libra ~ Sept. 23 to Oct. 23

Know it or not, youíve been working your way to ďbeing here nowĒ. Venus in Aries, starting May 2, prompts you to take the new you out for a test drive. Venus wants you to step up to the plate, to show off your feisty and passionate side. This isnít about holding your own or about playing it nice to keep the peace. Itís about taking it where it needs to go. Nowís the time to call the shots, make an impact, to stand head and shoulders above the rest, to impress us with your sway and swagger, to go independent or even to be social renegade if thatís what you feel your soul is urging you to do.

The weekend of May 10 is likely to see you cross a momentous threshold. Perhaps thereís a special event or a milestone to mark, a contract to sign or break, someone of importance to meet or to settle with, an important goodbye or hello. The transiting moon in Libra on May 10/11 marks a key launch or ďtake offĒ time. Regarding a financial matter or relationship investment, the full moon of May 14 and the days preceding and following, suggests itís time to lay it all on the line. The full moon could dish up a major, perhaps an unexpected expense. The actions or fate of another could directly or indirectly affect you.

The end of Mars retrograde on May 19 puts you into full steam ahead, but rather than the sharp intensity of the week prior, you should find that the rest of the monthís get-go falls into place with ease.

~ from the Eye of Rosee Scorpio ~ Oct. 24 to Nov. 22

Venus in Aries keeps you fired up and puts life on a faster spin. Stay confident, keep exploring, keep trying. Youíll break plenty of fresh ground. In fact you may make a couple of critical breakthroughs. Each one takes you a major leap forward. May 10/11 can be a good time to take weekend off, but if you do pump it you are likely to get something substantial nailed down, perhaps more than you aimed for. It may be major make it or break it time for a relationship, or an important decision making time regarding a major investment, job, project, or health matter.

May 12/13, the transiting Scorpio moon empowers you, loaning you more influence, sway and swagger. These are potent, high impact days and good for communicating or negotiating. Too, you should find your radar is exceptionally sharp; you arenít likely to miss a thing. You can find yourself especially articulate, fast with the comeback or sales-pitch and able to maintain the control no matter what they throw at you. The full moon can toss more at you. May 15, its surprising how things can go, how fast it snaps or snaps into place. You could have exceptional timing or luck. Something extra or out of the blue could be the ďitĒ ticket. Stay game and ready for anything goes, try something unique or out of the box, let passion or spontaneity overtake you.

The end of Mars retrograde on May 19 gets you reconnected socially and professionally. If you are self employed or on commission you can find your income improves. The last two weeks of the month is a beneficial time to upgrade your public profile, to participate more and to bring yourself up to speed with whatís new in your neighbourhood.

~ from the Eye of Rosef Sagittarius ~ Nov. 23 to Dec. 21

Youíre hot, itís hot, theyíre hot. Itís an exciting time to be alive/to bring it to life. Uranus in Aries has already fired you up. Venus in Aries, starting May 2, stokes you even more. Your creativity can explode - in a good way of course. This Venus influence can heat up your love life and can see your kidsí life burst forth with amazing things now too. Watch for Mercury in Gemini, May 7 to 28, to put you out there even more. It wonít take much to get noticed, to make more inroads and/or to open up new avenues for yourself.

May 10 to 16 can be a momentous week. Each day dishes up something major. Knock it down, knock it back, onto next pronto quick. Itís a week when you can get the kinks of the system and/or get something new off the ground and into play. Thanks to Venus, Uranus, and Mercury, May 15 can be an exceptional day of synchronicity, luck and opportunity. Social, creative, or romantic, itís all on a ready spark.

Mercury in Gemini will have already put you back into social circulation and upgraded your public profile, but watch for the end of Mars retrograde on May 19 and the start of Gemini month on May 20 to take it up yet another notch. Mercury advances into Cancer on May 29, but it wonít stay there for long. Youíll get another hit of Mercury in Gemini when it tours retrograde next month. Pay close attention to the dialogue, the body language, the re-visitations or the synchronicities, they are clues that will set the agenda for next monthís retrograde cycle.

~ from the Eye of Roseg Capricorn ~ Dec. 22 to Jan 20

The construction project marked ďtop priorityĒ is moving along quite quickly now. Whatís building now is a freer conscience and a bolder, feistier, less inhibited you. Perhaps your inner rebel is showing up more often now too. Venus in Aries, starting May 2, spins faster wheels on your new home or family set-up. Of course, it is likely that thereís more time to punch until you are fully up to speed, but you are getting there. May 11 through May 18 is a week of surpassing; it will thrust you through a number of checkpoints, one right after the other.

Mercury in Gemini, starting May 7 to 29 can set you onto a new work schedule or health regime. Put your goals on paper, it serves to increase the potential for accomplishment. This is also a good transit to sort out a business plan, tackle the to-do list, to enlist a new helper, agent, or advisor, to hunt for more work, double up on efforts, or to diversify your portfolio. Equipment, skills or transportation upgrades may also be warranted. May 12/13 can be a good time to seek professional, legal, or financial advice or to interview for a job. You should find those in positions of authority to be easier to approach and willing to listen. Collaboration projects should run well. The end of Mars retrograde can take the breaks off professional, legal or contract matters. The sunís entrance into Gemini on May 20 and the new moon on May 28 should also get the ball rolling. The end of the month could produce a lucrative new job, project, or income stream. You gain more out of your efforts to improve health too. Itís a great time to sign up for outdoor sports or to get back to the gym.

~ from the Eye of Roseh Aquarius ~ Jan. 21 to Feb. 18

Stuck or held up no longer, Venus in Aries, May 2 to 28, and Mercury in Gemini, May 7 to 29, will certainly get life moving again. You should find your physical energy, motivation, and interest level keeps replenished and strong. Fresh ideas are worth investigating. A fresh option can spring up at any time. Dive into a new project, try a new product, scout for more clients or better pay, sign up for sports, sign on with someone new.

You are likely to be out the gate and on the move from the start of the month, but expect to hit the full tilt from May 11 to 18. May 15, 16 can bring news, opportunity, or a special event. These are good days to travel, escape, pitch, perform, exhibit, to deal with legal matters, or to try your luck.

Mars ends retrograde on May 19 and continues in Libra through July 25. This transit can help to increase your prosperity, enjoyment, notoriety, confidence and faith. Social life, romance, education, location, vocation, travel, etc. - itís a great transit for expanding your horizons in whatever way you choose. The month ends on a relatively smooth and easy note.

~ from the Eye of Rosei Pisces ~ Feb. 19 to March 20

You are well on your way now. Venus in Aries puts a new income potential, financial investment, or partnership matter on a more rapid move-ahead. Thereís still some work to do on it over this first week of the month, but you should see it shape up and/or be able to wrap it up from May 9 onward. May 12, 13 are favourable for sorting out finances. Watch for the full moon on May 14 to take you over a major hump and for May 15 to thrust you into exciting new territory.

The end of Mars retrograde on May 19 also puts finances, legal, and partnership matters onto a fresh page. While busy days and juggling continues, the rest of the month should transpire at a relatively smooth and straightforward pace. Off with the old, on with the new, youíll have no trouble adjusting to a new page. You can look forward to the month ending on an upbeat and allís well note. Still, know that Mercury retrograde begins June 7. Try to wrap up as much as you can this month, but donít force what isnít coming naturally. If it needs to stay open-ended, let it. Next month may produce a new option or see you want to/need to make another change or plan.

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