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Knowledge IS Freedom!

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Going Deeper - Click to Order Now! Going Deeper
- by Jean-Claude Koven
Have you been questioning Reality? This book offers a precise template for awakening from the Trance of Forgetting -NOW- and is most likely your next step!   - L.W.
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Legacy of Luna - Click to Order Now! Legacy of Luna
- by Julia Butterfly Hill
Heart-wrenching & inspiring, the author's battles to save the ancient California red-
woods during her 738-day "tree sit-in" fill these pages with the human-to-nature connection like few others. - K.P.
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Island - Click to Order Now! Island
- by Aldous Huxley
Visionary novel about a consciousness-based society living in the 'here and now,' offering a blueprint for positive social change, bearing witness to psychedelic inspiration. Revolutionary then and now, earth-shakingly anarchic - one of the great books. - D.R.
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Enhancing Self-Esteem CD - Click to Order Now! Enhancing
  Self-Esteem CD

- by Steven Halpern
The 'King of New Age Sounds' combines music & affirmations for all ages, to reinforce feelings of inner worth, which is vital to our health, well-being and happiness. - E.F.

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The Teachings of Don Carlos - Click to Order Now! Teachings of
  Don Carlos, The

- by Victor Sanchez
'Practical Applications of the Works of Carlos Castaneda' - What a treasure - a Gemini delight! No more wading thru the 70s saga of sorcery. Filled with explanations, exercises & wisdom! - S.H.
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The Mastery of Love - Click to Order Now! Mastery of Love, The
- by Don Miguel Ruiz
'A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship' - Explore the true nature of Love through the inspiring stories of Toltec wisdom regarding the three 'masteries' - Awareness, Transformation and Love.
- J.J.
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Handbook to Higher Consciousness - Click to Order Now! Handbook to Higher

- by Ken Keyes, Jr.
A relic from the 70s, but still the best basic advice on how to attain and maintain a higher level of consciousness on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. - D.B.
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Spirit Guides - Click to Order Now! Spirit Guides
- by Iris Belhayes
Excellent! A common sense foundation for working with spirit: what a guide is, how to contact your guide, why & how this work can expand your inner awareness.
- C.R.

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Mutant Message Down Under  - Click to Order Now! Mutant Message
  Down Under

- by Marlo Morgan
Spellbinding account of an American doctor's experience on walkabout in Australia. As the 'Real People' sent this 'mutant's' possessions up in flames, her horrors soon
turned to epiphany. - D.K.
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