Grand Sextile ~ As Above, So Below
Harmonic Concordance
Grand Sextile ~ As Above, So Below

Come Nov.8, 2003, 5:13pm PST, we will experience a Total Lunar Eclipse, and a Grand Sextile (Star of David) configuration, which marks the point on the Mayan Calendar where we will have exactly one 'galactic spin cycle' left to complete the necessary realignment of humanity, and the activation of our own light bodies, before the 2012 deadline. At the moment of the eclipse, an extremely rare phenomenon is also occurring: a Grand Sextile of six 'planets' also known as the Star of David, being two interlaced equilateral triangles, 'As Above, So Below'.


The 'hype' is that this is a Star-Gate opening through which any and all may pass who have 'awakened' to their true state, as a spiritual being sharing a physical experience with other earthlings. There is also much talk about reaching 'critical mass' at which point 'everyone' will pass through the gate.

What seems evident to me is the extremely high frequency of energies emanating from this grand configuration. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron stand equally spaced around the circle of the zodiac, each touching two others in sextiles (helping hands), each in a Grand Trine with two others (complete circuit), and each in an opposition to another (the tension required for movement)! The 'Music of the Spheres' will be in full voice!

MUSIC is a huge key here. Play, sing, dance, listen, dream, hum, write, speak, paint, move, create! Find the melody within you and go with it. Give your songs to Gaia, the Earth Goddess, who comes alive with this tympany of sound. For 25 minutes the 'Full' Moon will be obstructed by the Earth from receiving the Sun's light. For 25 minutes our past will not exist, our memories and habits will be held in suspension and our vision of the future will open wider to accommodate this new version of Reality.

There is a direct link between this alignment and that of the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, hence the name, Harmonic Concordance. There is a level of resonance available during this synchronization of cosmic sound that can open us up to new levels of awareness, consciousness and more strands of DNA being activated! We will experience the Earth as a Singing Bowl - like the crystal chakra bowls, or Tibetan bells. Each of us has an opportunity to tune-in to our deepest Truth and Purpose in this life. The configurations of planets are all in Earth and Water signs, giving us plenty of tools for building new boundaries and bridges, and for bringing a holistic healing to ourselves and the planet.


There will be hundreds of gatherings around the world, physically and psychically, to which we can add our intentions and light. Try to create a 'sacred space' for yourself with some of your favourite, most meaningful items in front of you, light a candle, take a deep breath and 'LET GO' into the One Great Spirit to which we all belong. By releasing ourselves to the Whole, we will find ourselves at the Centre. Listen, feel, observe. Find your rhythm, find your note, find your VOICE. Let it be heard, within and without. Share your vision with your neighbours and friends. Come together in the spirit of Love, and we will find our Bliss.

Blessings & Peace ~~ Sandy

Further notes for the die-hards:
Oppositions ~
Sun 16║Scorpio (S.Node 20║) oppo. Moon 16║Taurus (N.Node 20║).
  Mutable: Mars 10:35 Pisces oppo. Jupiter 14:25 Virgo.
  Cardinal: Saturn 13:03 Cancer oppo. Chiron 14:06 Capricorn.

Grand Trines ~
- Moon(N.Node) Taurus, Jupiter Virgo, Chiron Cap.
  Water - Mars Pisces, Saturn Cancer, Sun(S.Node) Scorpio

Sextiles ~
  Moon -- Mars/Saturn
  Saturn -- Moon/Jupiter
  Jupiter -- Saturn/Sun
  Sun -- Jupiter/Chiron
  Chiron -- Sun/Mars
  Mars -- Chiron/Moon

Typically, Grand Trines are closed circuits and in danger of imploding, but with each point being opposed by a point in the other Grand Trine, immense power is built-up and the wheel begins to spin! Several other potent aspects intervene and complicate the pattern further. For your consideration:

Neptune 10:29 Aq. sq. Full Moon, and forms a Yod to Saturn and Jupiter.
It also sextiles Venus-Vesta (which both square Mars) and Pallas Athena.
Venus 7:39 & Pluto 18:33 Sagittarius loosely form a Yod with the Moon and Saturn, and square Jupiter & Mars!

The only aspect combo that is NOT involved in the rest (above) is the square from Mercury 24:59 Scorpio to Uranus 28:54 Aq., which opposes TransPluto(Persephone) 27:17 Leo. Ceres (24:36 Cancer) trines Mercury.

A look at the charts of certain unnamed folks in the political arena was nothing short of horrifying, and I was reminded that we each have CHOICES as to how we choose to manifest this energy. I have decided to keep my focus on the part of my world that I can do something about.


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©2003, Sandy Hughes