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TAOISM:     Shit happens

CONFUCIANISM:     Confucius say, "Shit happens"

BUDDHISM:     When Shit happens, it isn't really shit

ZEN:     What is the sound of one Shit happening?

HARE KRISHNA:     Shit happens, rama rama ding ding

ATHEISM:     No Shit

EXISTENTIALISM:     Why is there Shit?

SPIRITUALISM:     Immaterial Shit

AGNOSTICISM:     Farts happen

SCIENTOLOGY:     Feces occurs, but only to poor people

PAGANISM:     Shit is part of the Goddess, too

VOODOO:     I can make Shit happen

ASCETICISM:     Abstaining from Shit

RASTAFARIANISM:     Let's smoke this Shit

HINDUISM:     This Shit happened before

ISLAM:     If Shit happens, take a hostage

JUDAISM:     Why does this Shit always happen to us?

7th DAY ADVENTIST:     Shit happens on Saturdays

CATHOLICISM:     If Shit happens, I deserve it

PROTESTANTISM:     Let Shit happen to someone else

JEHOVAH'S WITNESS:     Knock Knock, "Shit is gonna happen"

UNITARIAN:     What is this Shit?

MORMON:     Shit happens again & again & again

EVANGELISM:     I've seen the Shit!

FUNDAMENTALISM:     God says, "Money can make Shit happen"

SATANISM:     Sneppah Tihs

Thanks for looking! Holy Shit is a compilation of many different versions
which have circulated over the years. The beauty of this piece
is the underlying "truth" in each religious attitude (dogma),
which seems comical to all the others, and yet it is this very
laugh-ability that leads us to the realization that Life is what IS,
no matter what we call it, and that We Are All ONE,
no matter what "they" say!
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The light of the flame inspires the mind.