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FEATURING:   Alice O. Howell
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Jungian Synchronicity in the Astrological Signs and Ages - Click to Order Now! Jungian Synchronicity
  in the Astrological
    Signs and Ages

- by Alice O. Howell
Initially a sequel to Jungian Symbolism, this well-crafted piece of work weaves the personal symbolisms into collective ones
to illuminate the rhythms of the Ages throughout our history.
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Jungian Symbolism
  in Astrology

- by Alice O. Howell
Innocently begun, profoundly wrapped up, written in the form of letters to good friend, Sylvia Perera, author of Descent to the Goddess. Her insights offer fresh new windows into the chart.
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The Dove in the Stone - Click to Order Now! Dove in the Stone, The
- by Alice O. Howell
'Finding the Sacred in the Commonplace' - Casually strolling, walking-stick in hand, this Jungian minded crone-on-foot tells her story of synchronicity and symbol along the shores of the British Isle of Iona.

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The Web in the Sea - Click to Order Now! Web in the Sea, The
- by Alice O. Howell
'Jung, Sophia and the Geometry of the Soul' - Learn, discover and enjoy the sacred patterns of Nature and their revelation of 'soul' in the tapestries of our lives.

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