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Temple  of  Literati
Temple of Literati - New Recommended Reading List at The Aquarian Zone!
Sandy's Recommended Reading List
at The Aquarian Zone

Knowledge IS Freedom!


Live so that . . .
Those who know you
But do not know
the Great Mystery
Will want to know
the Great Mystery
because they know you.
Consciousness is the only reality!

One Spirit Project
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Large Resource Directory
  One Spirit Project


Please Visit The hOMe Foundation - the Path of Kriya Yoga!


Coffeehouse Culture
Coffeehouse Culture ~ alive and well in Amsterdam!
An International Directory of People, Places,
Products, Projects, and Services of Spirit

Banyen Books and Sound
"Where it all began" in Vancouver, BC, 1970
NOW! - 27,000 titles to illumine the mind & enrich the soul!


SELF-Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment logo

Ask  Heart Connections Directory ~ Click Here!
Heart Connections Directory

The Wild Rose

Wilsons Almanac

World of Alternatives

Astrology For The Soul

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