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  Astrodienst Online:
Largest ATLAS Look-Up

Time Zones & DST for
250,000+ cities worldwide!
Plus - FREE Chart Service!

NASA News: Space Weather! Read the Daily News from
NASA Space Weather Bureau

Current Conditions, Future Forecast and even some history ~ of Sunspot activity! You will find Solar Images, and fascinating data on the Ozone layer, Earth's Magnetic field, blazing meteors, disintegrating comets, polar fountains, and more! Wow!

Who is the Sun shining on TODAY?       Come By and See
TODAY'S Famous Birthdays!

Internet Movie Database  On This Day  in History!
Births, Deaths, Oscars, & MORE!
~ Data Galore ~

Mother Nature knows all about the twists and turns of Life

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2008
The Old Farmer's Almanac ~
Yep! ~ It's really them!
Just like always, a storehouse of riches:
Weather patterns (a la Mother Nature), Seasons, Tides,
Gardening Tips, Great Recipes, Amazing Historical Trivia, etc.

Mt. Etna's eruptions!
photo by Boris Behncke
photo of Mt.Etna erupting Aug.1997, by Boris Behncke

Visit: Italy's Volcanoes
The Cradle of Volcanology
  View a World MAP Update
of Current Volcanic Activity!


Merriam-Webster Online: Words, Words and More Words!

Merriam-Webster Online
Complete Word Search of the Dictionary,
Thesaurus, Word-of-the-Day, Word Games, and more!

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