Aquarian Zone

"Our task must be to free ourselves ~ by widening
our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and its beauty."
~ Albert Einstein

Hunters: "Hunt each other ~
Leave the Animals alone!"
The Animal Spirits invite you to visit THEIR realm Allow yourself the privilege of being taken
"by the paw" into the realm of the Animal Spirits. Learn what deep insights our non-human kin have to share about our lives and ourselves. May we be humbled and honoured to make their acquaintance!

...and elephants never forget!


canteloupe strawberry The Veggie Patch mushroom green bell pepper

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment:
Stay up-to-date; check in with the


"Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur
in laboratories and are called medical research."
~ George Bernard Shaw ~

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These are the very BEST we have found anywhere!

What do YOU think MATTERS?
Are you a conscious, caring consumer?
Do you know if you are using products that
have been "tested," by poisoning, maiming and
killing our animal brothers and sisters?
You may be shocked at the names on the
list of companies that Do and Do Not TEST
their products on Animals!

let the paw-prints show you the w-a-y ~ ~ ~

Out of the Earth   where all creatures synchronize through fragrance

hummingbird knows the secret ~ that's why he's humming!
Don't miss Out-of-the-Earth!
Aromatherapist, CYNTHIA, offers a plethora of helpful information on natural healing alternatives for Pets & their People: Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Reiki, Raw Natural Diet for Dogs, Paw-Point Therapy, Astrology, Goddess, Inspiration, Vegetarianism - even Massage Oils and Courses!

follow the wavy Out-of-the-Earth   Includes hyper-text of
A Modern Herbal,
1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve. Over 800 varieties of medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic herbs, including economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore.

the natural healing world of plants is all around us

The Medicine Garden: Soul Recovery, Homeopathy, Essences, Pet Corner, Library of Health, and more
Astrological veteran Eileen Nauman shares her extensive and comprehensive research and eye-opening discoveries through her avantgarde applications of medical/astrological data.
If you have a serious health concern,
this information deserves a serious look.
why not walk the Green Road of Health?

In Honour of the beloved and endangered Tiger, please visit:

The Tiger Information Center

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