Merlin's Ancient Grove
where many *Merlins* gather
to share their wisdom.

~ now featuring ~
*Merlin* Mervin's Astro Tales

Our *Merlin* (Rudy) Mervin journeyed off of this earth plane
on July 9, 2002, while on holidays in Lake Louise.
He was called suddenly to the Other Side,
presumably to continue his astrological
research from a different angle.
( We expect to be hearing from him anytime. )

Blessings, Rudy, and Thank You for your Joy!

Merlin's Gathering in the Ancient Grove is here!


A rare        
is about  
to begin.

Would you  
care to      
join us?  


Old *Merlin* Mervin spins his Astro Tales every month in the Ancient Grove

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