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they asked Merlin Mervin:
"Who Is Aries?"
©1999, Rudy Mervin, All Rights Reserved.


First on the land
Breaker of trail
Always looking for the New
Though living too much in the Present
To be aware of the Future.

In his past is Pisces
That sea of complexity
Which gave birth to the purpose
That put Aries on the land.
Aries, who is always going somewhere
And doing something
Cannot understand Pisces
Who only seems to do it in his head.

In his future is Taurus
Who claims ownership of that land
And cultivates the trail
Which Aries blazed.
Aries cannot comprehend the sign of Taurus
Who would rather stay home
And work, work, work
Than go on to the next adventures.

That ideal partner Libra
Opposes him with the notion
Of another point of view
Than his own, and to win her
He must learn compromise
And flowers, and boxes of chocolate.

Crossing Aries
Are Cancer and Capricorn
The one waters down his fire
With motherly solicitude
When what he seeks is adventure
And withdraws silent and hurt
Wounded beyond reason by a mere word.

And Capricorn
So depressing to be around
Not interested in doing anything
Unless it is so thoroughly planned
That all trace of spontaneity
And fun have disappeared.
As well to visit a museum

Aries shares with Sagittarius
That love of travel and adventure
Their fiery mentalities
In Harmony on the trail.
The tactlessness and lack of diplomacy
Of Sagittarius suits Aries
Who has the original thick skin.
Unless it is praise, it is considered
A clumsy attempt at humour.

And Leo, who holds fiery kingship
That ideal of himself
Which he would be if he had time to stop,
Is a good fellow
Whom everybody likes to be around
And acts in ways Aries can understand
Like wanting to be first
Or the center of attention
But has such a liking for his brother in Fire
That he reserves a special place in his circle
For Aries.

Gemini and Aquarius
Stimulate him with ideas
Which he later calls his own.
Both have the ability
To fan the Fire of Aries
Gemini through his jokes and puns
Gets Aries going
Whose own brand of humor
Is the pratfall
Aquarius stimulates the funny bone of Aries
With the totally unexpected
And entrances him with ideas
Of deeds to do in the future.

Scorpio and Virgo irritate him.
The one he cannot understand,
For his own drive for power is forthright,
And the other seems obsessed
With things of little consequence
Aries would rather look at the world
From horseback
Than crawl on hands and knees
Peering through a magnifying glass,
Or like Scorpio, see everything through shadows
With the eyes of a spy.

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