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Renée Riel

      Renée has fine-tuned her natural sensitivities over the last 25 years by studying and working with energy fields in many different forms, including tai chi, qi gong, yoga, meditation, the I Ching, crystal healing, tarot reading and many forms of psychic work. Renée taught meditation and tarot classes for over 20 years, strengthening her focus and levels of perception, as she gradually introduced more of the eastern disciplines into her life.

      The balance slowly shifted into extensive inclusion of Qi Gong work, and she has now completed the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Qi Gong for Practitioners, with Grand Master Peng, in North Vancouver, BC.   Renée continues to attend healing workshops and additional classes in Chinese medicine, meridians and pressure points, and has maintained a daily practice for many years.

      Her classes and healing sessions will help you to see the holistic nature of our world, and the parallels between our inner and outer realities. Almost all maladies can be traced to a blockage of chi. With a little experience in Qi Gong you can bring back a state of balance and holistic health, adding quality time to your life. Some of you may know Renée from her years at Phoenix Metaphysical Bookstore, in Surrey, BC, from 1977-1996.


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