Long ago...

the sacred grandparents said that
there was no day and no sun.
The Great Spirit was the Only.
The Great Spirit was the center.
The Great Spirit was without end.

The grandparents told the daughter winds
to blow the macrocosm into existence.
The Great Spirit hid and
divided up into niece and nephew.
Together they sang the creation song.

Everything vibrates with this voice --
the universe, the galaxies,
the sun and the earth.
Light and darkness and all things
are but a song of the Great Spirit.© Lynn Andrews, 'Walk in Balance'


Let Us continue to sing in the New Year!
There were perpetual meditation wwwaves
In Every Time Zone Around the World.
~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~
The WAVE of PEACE surrounded the Earth
as each time zone joined the wave.
~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~


TOGETHER we can keep it happening!
Add your intentions to the Collective Awareness!
We have entered this new vibrational
frequency with clarity and consciouness!
We are all here - NOW!
~ ~~~~~ ~
Join the wwwave


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© Lynn Andrews, 'Walk in Balance' Lynn Andrews, Walk in Balance.