Do you feel Lost in Space?

We all feel the need
for guidance
in these
          changing times          

Forecast Reports
are your solution

Each Report is personally tailored
to your specific Birth Date & Time
and lists all the subtle daily changes, as well as
the larger cycles indicative of major life-style shifts.

How does astrology work?

Even your own personal astrologer
cannot enumerate every daily aspect for you,
and if you've spent any time reading the horoscope columns,
you know that they have to speak to 1/2 billion people at a time,
which tends to water down any "personal" meaning.

Why stay in the dark?
Order your own Personalized Forecast Today.
The entire report will be sent at once, not every day.

Only $5.00 month
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How Does Astrology Work?

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."
~ "As Above, So Below" ~

The patterns of the celestial panorama (the sky) do not dictate, but merely
parallel, or reflect, the patterns of our terrestrial landscape (the earth).
Astrology can be simplified into a study of commonalities
between certain repetitions of patterns or elemental forces.
Each astrological sign, planet or other signature
can be categorized into one of four natural elements:
Fire ~ Earth ~ Air ~ Water

The entire Universe is holistic, meaning that all vibrational frequencies
interact with each other, from microcosm to macrocosm.
ALL life forms are interconnected and cannot act solely on their own,
without affecting all others. Ultimately, this means that nothing happens
purely by chance. There is always meaning and personal relevance
to every event or experience along our Life Path. If you have no connection
to the "outside event," it has no possible way of contacting you.
Our modern-day physicists are learning that even Chaos is not random.
There is Order to the Chaos (we know it as Cosmic Order), as is
so exquisitely demonstrated by the phenomenon of fractals.
Astrology is an ancient system of language and symbol,
pointing out the significance of these interactions,
and of determining from the active patterns,
when, what and why our lives take the turns they do.

It is not "magic" in any spooky sense, only in its naturalness.
It is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone seeking illumination
and a deepened understanding of themselves and those around them.
Astrology has survived over 5000 years of human history,
probably much more than that.

Why turn your head away from those heavens
created on the First Day (per Genesis 1:01),
when all the guideposts were encoded therein?
This is the "silver lining" hidden inside of every cloud.
The solution is contained within the problem, always.
Astrology can tell you which way to lean in this storm or that,
in order to make the most headway possible,
or to sustain the least amount of damage.

For a further understanding of the way the Elements work,
we refer you to Sandy's article on The Dance of the Elements.
Astrology waves no magic wands, challenges no Gods
and carries no hidden agenda.

It is simply a language, offering itself to all who care to inquire,
and caring not at all whether it is completely ignored.
Divining does not mean trying to become God,
but merely listening to the Divine Voice
as it speaks through every moment and breath of Life itself,
and allowing oneself to be infused with Divinity's wisdom.

The Personal~Zone Forecast Report is only the tip of the iceberg,
but even that tip can bring immense clarity and peace of mind, especially
when we live in a world of so many conflicting messages.
Static fills the air, even on a good day, and
keeping our tuners set on our own frequency is not always easy.
The price we pay in the long run is often a hefty one.
Perhaps a little help could go a long way.
Why not treat yourself, or a friend?

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