What I Learned from My Pig


Dedicated to LuLu, the Star Pig

Wallow while you may.

Live high on the hog.

Never squeal on your friends.

When the world gives you slop, pig out.

Don't get too much exercise.

Go "wee wee wee" all the way home.

Don't let anybody bust your chops.

Take time to stop and smell the mud.

Don't boar people
with the same old lines all the time.

It's smart to keep a little something
in the piggy bank for the future.

You reap what you sow.

Tall tails are fun,
but curly ones are better.

It's okay to squeal with delight.

Pink is Beautiful!.

Pigtails are always in style.

Ham it up!

We all get along in the barnyard

LuLu, the Star Pig
from The Province Newspaper, Feb.4, 1999:

LuLu, the potbellied pig,
has been given the SPCA Trooper Award
for going above and beyond the Call of the Wild.

LuLu's owner, JoAnn Altsman,
was having a heart attack in her Lake Erie home,
so the 70-kilogram porker ran into the street
to fetch a passing motorist to help her owner.

LuLu lured the good samaritan
by lying in the middle of the road
and doing her "dead piggy trick," which is

four feet sticking straight up in the air!

threee cheeers for LuuLuu !!!


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