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The We Are All ONE Earth

We are ONE people...
We share ONE planet...
We have ONE common dream...
We want to live in PEACE...
We choose to protect and heal the Earth...
We decide to create a better world for ALL...
We will do our best to make that dream come true...
We will change what needs to be changed...
We will learn to Love, Share and Forgive...
We are ONE people
We want to LIVE
And We WILL.

ONE Planet, ONE People, ONE Peace

I believe

I believe that peace begins with me.
I believe that I am responsible for my actions and behavior.
I believe in treating others as I want them to treat me.
I believe that love overcomes hatred.
I believe in forgiveness of myself and of others.
I believe in having a high self-esteem.
I believe in conflict resolution rather than force.
I believe in living unconditional love.
I believe we are all unique and precious.
I believe that the Spirit of the Universal Power
is within me/us, and I believe in Its empowerment.
I believe that all things are possible.
I believe that we have incredible potential
and enormous Inner Power.
I believe in gratitude and appreciation of Nature's
every gift, the flowers, trees, people & animals.
I believe that our thoughts become our actions.
I believe that we have choices.
I believe in high principles of honesty, integrity,
responsibility, compassion, and fairness.
I believe that we are privileged as parents to help develop
the awareness of our Universal power in our children.

Now read this once more, aloud!

Taken from Enjoying the Journey, by Peace Pilgrim II.
Published by Blue Dolphin Publishing,
P.O. Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA.
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ONE Planet ~ ONE People ~ ONE Peace

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