Qi Gong and Chinese Massage
with Renée Riel

The Path of Happiness, Harmony & Health

Qi Gong* (pron.'chee gong')
is the ancient Chinese art of self-healing,
a simple and effective way to bring back your
body's natural health and to promote well-being on all
levels. Whether you have suffered from fatigue, injury or
illness, and regardless of your age, these easy and
enjoyable exercises can revitalize and strengthen
your overall energy by restoring inner and outer
balance, thus creating holistic health.

Renée works in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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Renée is now
Bonnie Richter

Bonnie is on
North Shore.

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The Key is Qi
Body, Mind & Spirit in Harmony


*also: Chi Gong, Chi Gung, Chi Kung, Qi Kung

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come.
~ Chinese Proverb ~