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April 2014 Overview

Built for speed, not for comfort. This one is for the history books folks. April delivers two eclipses and the peak of the Uranus/Pluto 2012 to 2015 transit.

Beyond the fact that the transit is sandwiched between two eclipses, there are even more factors that make the impact of this monthís Uranus/Pluto alignment stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

The stars will have already launched before April even begins. The first shot is taken by the Aries new moon on March 30. Consider it as the starting gun for cardinal cross planets: Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. April 1 to 3, itís the sunís turn to fire off a cardinal cross round. This is a bring-it-to-life or duke-it-out transit. Uranus makes it radically reinvented, Jupiter makes it big, Mars makes it fast and hot, and boss Pluto makes it an edict. Expect to be witness to an intensity surge out there in the world and to blast through plenty in your private life too. With discovery planet Uranus in the mix, letís hope for a major breakthrough regarding Malaysian flight 370.

Going back a month, be reminded that Mars in Libra began an eleven week retrograde cycle at the start of March. This transit has exactly coincided with Putinís move on Crimea and all that has followed.

On April 7, Mercury swims out of Pisces and fires up in Aries. Mercury will also be a major contributor to the lunar eclipse of April 15. One way or another, it is sure to get a new dialogue going.

On April 8, Mars in Libra will oppose the Aries sun. This brings the Mars retrograde cycle to its creative fullness, to a cut-through or breakthrough point. You can be at odds or a push-come-to-shove with yourself, with another, or with the powers that be. Whether fuelled by instinct, conflict, dilemma, provocation, anger, fear, desire, ambition, or thrill; whether hot in pursuit of justice, truth, or opportunity - consider the stimulus package as fully loaded. Watch for people, politics, and money on the move.

On April 14, the transiting moon and Mercury both make a stack of aspects. Also on this day, Pluto stations retrograde. Most often we tend to feel the directional shift of outer planets as an undercurrent or subtle influence, but this one could be of striking impact due to the fact that the lunar eclipse in Libra occurs only hours later. From April 14 to 23 there is no let up regarding the cardinal cross action. In addition to the transiting moon stimulation (in Libra on April 14; Capricorn on April 20; Aries on April 27), each one of the faster moving cardinal cross planets take a turn striking the flint - first Mercury (information; key person/people), then Jupiter (growth, mobilization), then Mars (action).

Money makes the world go Ďround Ė or stop, depending on whether you have it or not. Money and economics is a prime feature of both the April 15 and April 28 eclipses. The Libra lunar eclipse of April 15 also heats up the ins and outs of relationship matters, this at the personal, social, and political levels. We can aim for peace, harmony, sharing, and equality, but given the dynamic tension of the cardinal cross stars, itís tricky at best. It will take next to nothing to tip the scales from one wild extreme to the other, especially regarding politics and money markets. Itís hard to achieve or stay balanced, but itís a critical time to try.

As a particularly hot trigger point for the lunar eclipse, Mercury/Uranus is sure to be igniting, launching, jolting, severing, freeing, or liberating in some sudden and full-on way. It can prompt a life-altering, lay-it-all-on-the-line moment. Someone or something can jump out at you unexpectedly. Watch for news, surprise information, a key event, or a key person to launch the domino, toss the grenade, or pull the plug. The planet of extremes, rebellion, and revolution, the radical and revolutionary, when Uranus is in the mix, anything goes, - and it probably will. The stress and volatility dial is as high as it can go. Tempers can flare. Reactionary responses hit extreme. Watch for sudden outbursts, road rage, and for violence to escalate in a flash. The world is full of crazy, irrational folk. People can be easily provoked. Do not take unnecessary chances. To the plus, something can suddenly clear up.

Beyond a climatic time for social, political, and economic matters, for protests, revolts, etc. also stay on the lookout for more weather extremes. Eclipses can raise the potential for natural catastrophes too. While Uranus/Pluto continues in full force, more people find themselves uprooted or their lives cracked open. Greater numbers of individuals, groups, and even whole communities will continue to take fast exits off the planet.

Destiny is unfolding for each one of us in some striking way. There is no side-stepping the inevitable. Each life has its share of difficult passages, but this is not the time to live in fear of your life or the changes that it may bring. It is the time to embrace the opportunity of the moment, no matter how risky or uncertain it feels, to stand fully present for yourself and your loved ones. To create, to participate, to contribute, and to raise the quality of life as best you can right where you are Ė this is your job. If you can do this, you will serve the planet beyond compare.

If life side-swipes you, take an extra moment to feel your way through it. Step one is to accept the reality as it is and to work it forward from there.

The Libra lunar eclipse of April 15 receives assistance the fixed star Spica which sits at 24 Libra. Spicaís influence is considered fortunate. It suggests that the lunar eclipse offers an exceptionally opportune time to seek new knowledge or experience, to cultivate, discover, explore, gather, share, participate, or negotiate. Adding to the lucrative potential and possibilities, by April 17, Venus in Pisces (ruler of the eclipse) will trine Jupiter in Cancer. Both Venus and Jupiter are in their exalted positions; the sun in Aries is too. What we learn, amass, or experience during this time can be profitable, fertile, or healing. An ultimate answer, solution, calling, or pathway could appear.

Youíll feel the accelerator influence of the eclipses more strongly if they make a direct contact with your chart, but we are all sure to feel their effects. The eclipses and especially the Uranus/Pluto transit have been operational for some time, so perhaps you are already living it out and/or working your way through something major.

The Libra lunar eclipse of April 15 is particularly catapulting for those born in the middle of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It also prompts major life transitions for those born: 1933- 35, 1952 Ė 55, 1973-74, and 1980 Ė 81. (This is not a complete list. Check your chart.)

On April 20, Easter Sunday, Jupiter perfects aspects with Uranus (square) and Pluto (opposition) while the Capricorn moon makes the rounds with each of the four cardinal cross planets. April 21 brings instalment number five of the Uranus/Pluto square off. April 22 and 23, Mars sparks with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

The Taurus new moon solar eclipse on April 28 launches a new net worth, self worth, money, or manifesting cycle. Of course, endings precede beginnings. A solar eclipse often brings a passage of note, the death or birth of someone significant. Survival matters, investments, assets, and resources claim our priority attention. Of course, the solar eclipse also coincides with the approaching tax filing deadline. I think weíll all agree, even though weíll finish the paperwork, we arenít done with being taxed!

Of interesting note, the solar eclipse path covers the area of the southern Indian Ocean, exactly the region where Malaysian Flight 370 purportedly crashed. This is a good example of how an eclipse can work as an event catalyst long before or after the eclipse occurs.

To sum up, the shake-it-up stars can give you a run for it this month, but it doesnít have to be all bad news. They are also exceptionally opportune for breaking into something fresh and new. I think most of us would agree, itís high time for reinventing our everyday reality, letís each do our part to turn it into a positive and liberating growth initiative. Stay courageous!

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: April 15, 0:42 am (25:16 Libra)
New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse: April 28: 11:14 pm (8:52 Taurus)

April 21: Uranus square Pluto #5 of 7 (2012 -2015)

April 5: Venus into Pisces: 1:31 pm
April 7: Mercury into Aries: 8:35 am
April 8: Pallas Athene ends retrograde: 9:17 am
April 14: Pluto stations retrograde: 4:44 pm
April 19: Sun into Taurus: 8:56 pm
April 23: Mercury into Taurus: 2:16 am
April 26: Vesta enters Taurus: 7:14:44 am

Dates to watch: April 1-3, 6 Ė 8, 14 -16, 20-23, 27, 28

**All times listed are Pacific Time. Please check your local listings

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Sign Overview:

~ from the Eye of Rose^ Aries ~ March 21 to April 19

Stay alert and be ready to spring into action in a snap. April will waste no time and neither should you. Fire up the rocket-ship and watch it how high it flies. You are in major life overhaul, especially if your birthday falls on April 1, 2, 3, 8, 14 Ė 16 or 20 Ė 23 or close to any of those dates. (In other words, consider yourself included!) Be reminded that an eclipse can be event generating when it happens or it can also deliver well before or after its actual date.

When it hits, itís likely to be in a jolt, a flash, or a rash. The lunar eclipse of April 15 could deliver a surprise message, or piece of news. Someone or something unexpected could light an unexpected fire. While the competition can be fierce, it appears that you have a hidden ace to play. If you have been looking for funding or have working your way through a legal issue, the lunar eclipse could bring it to completion or to a critical next phase.

The Taurus solar eclipse of April 28 can resurrect something you thought was long buried or lost. Prospects for creative enterprise are looking up. This eclipse can put you better in touch with your ultimate ideals or sense of purpose. It can signal the beginning of a lucrative new money-making chapter and as such, offers up an ideal time to invest in yourself, your business and the things or people that matter to you the most. The eclipse also enriches fertility prospects and the category of intimate relationships.

~ from the Eye of Rose_ Taurus ~ April 20 to May 20

Some of it is obvious, some of it is an internal journey. Anyway you slice it or dice it, you have a lot going on. Through July, Mars in Libra will continue to keep a focus on health, healing, work and working it out. The month ahead puts you on the fast track, perhaps exceptionally so. There are sure to be a number of sudden twists and turns along the way. The best way to handle yourself is not to project too far forward, to take it one step at a time. Put your all into the here and now and let the next moment design itself from there. You can listen to advice or take instruction, but the help or input will only go so far. You canít know for sure until you experience it for yourself.

The full moon lunar eclipse can dish up something unexpected and/or completely new to you. April 14 to 16 and April 21 to 23 can be particularly challenging, confronting, costly, or threshold crossing. Stay alert, guard your health, keep safety in mind, donít bank on a promise. You may not be able to rely on another, make sure you can handle it on your own.

If you have been making the right decisions for yourself all along, April 24 through the end of the month could prove lucrative. The lunar eclipse of April 28 can offer you the resolution or fresh start youíve been hoping for.

~ from the Eye of Rose` Gemini ~ May 21 to June 21

No doubt about it, you are riding on the fast train now. The month ahead will prove to be blockbuster for relationship involvements, financial prospects, creative projects, a new career or lifestyle direction. Continuing in Libra through July, Mars occupies one of the strongest positions of your chart. This Mars position keeps you breaking important new personal and relationship ground. While Mars tours retrograde, you can reclaim a team lead. Itís about working toward the win/win, even if that means ďconscious uncouplingĒ (borrowing a phrase from Gwyneth Paltrow).

A new love, passion, opportunity, or cause can take you by storm. Whatever life springs on you around the lunar eclipse of April 15, you are likely to feel it as destiny overtaking your life. Indeed it is. See it for the exceptional opportunity it is and follow its lead. This eclipse can also spark an exceptional cycle for your children too.

April 8 can bring you to a much fuller awareness. You can make an important breakthrough with someone or something. If conflict or dilemma overwhelms you, take more time to observe. The evolving circumstances will show you how to play it next. There are many activation dates throughout the month. Your best power-play is to responding to the unfolding reality rather than to force it to bend to fit your will or convenience. Having said that, life is full of risks, donít let it stop you. Stay on the ready dial and take full advantage of the gifts of the moment. The solar eclipse of April 28 keeps the carrot dangling. You have plenty more on brew than is apparent. Potentials are building. Allow it room to grow and to reveal itself.

~ from the Eye of Rosea Cancer ~ June 22 to July 22

From the ground up, the month ahead is likely to jettison you into a completely new reality. Perhaps you are already in the throws of it. Whether you have been building toward it, or it has been thrust upon you unexpectedly, thereís no turning back from here.

Your new get-ahead comes with a price, but really, is there any choice? Of course, youíll get what you put into it. The more you invest of yourself, your expertise, or your hard earned dollars, the more youíll gain. Action taking will net instant results in the month ahead.

It is the right time to buy or sell real estate, to launch a new career or business, or to jump into or out of a relationship. The April 15 lunar eclipse can bring a contract or legal matter to completion. Venus trine Jupiter on April 17 can bring good news, favourable results or something lucrative your way. It also sets the stage for a well deserved long weekend. Even so, donít expect Easter Sunday to be relaxing. It could be just the opposite. April 20 to 23 can be a busy, demanding, and ďat youĒ time. April 24 through the end of the month can see financial and social prospects improve. The solar eclipse on April 28 begins a new growth cycle. It can get you more firmly planted, more consistent, better focused, and on track.

~ from the Eye of Roseb Leo ~ July 23 to Aug. 22

Whether you have it already planned or your future springs unexpectedly on you, April blazes a trail right out of the starting gate. The first few days of the month are hotwired for action and excitement. Things could take an abrupt turn. You can find yourself travelling or thrust into action unexpectedly. There can be exciting news, a windfall, or financial opportunity, a chance to take it a lot further with someone or something. Risk canít be avoided, but as best you can, try to play it smart. Decisions based on reactionary emotions can cause later regret.

It is the right time to attempt sweeping or radical change. Donít dwell on whatís faltering or falling by wayside, let slip away naturally. Instead, look to the doors that are swinging open for you now. The stars are extreme; they will gift you with obvious or clear-cut choices. Hopefully you can recognize them as such. Relocation, publishing, higher education, speculative projects, a new career, job, or citizenship status are worthy pursuits. Upgrade your technology, media, marketing, social, and professional profile. Innovative techniques and tools can give you that extra edge. Sign up for a conference, tradeshow, or networking event. Use your people connections. A sibling, friend, neighbour client, agent, advisor, or support system could grow in importance. What happens to or for another, could directly or indirectly affect you. For example, someone could move on, leaving a job or rental vacancy that could be ideal for you. A new or cutting edge health regime could be it ticket.

On the opposite side of things, Mars can keep you in a struggle or competition with yourself or another. The stakes are high. The lunar eclipse on April 15 brings a contract, relationship status, legal matter, financial investment, argument, or personal dilemma to a critical turning point. Either youíll see the merit or pay-off, or it will be time to cut loose and move on.

Lover to friend, friend to lover, friend to competitor or vice versa, a relationship status can change on a dime. Your coping skills can be especially tested April 20 to 23. When it hits, it hits all at once and in a rapid fire succession too. Uranus, Pluto and Mars make for sharp edges, radical actions or departures, sudden attacks or cut-off points, added volatility, etc.

The solar eclipse on April 28 can begin a new financial, professional, or parenting chapter. April 24, 25, 28 Ė 30 is a lucrative time to sign a contract.

~ from the Eye of Rosec Virgo ~ Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

Youíre on the short track to getting things sorted out. This monthís stars help you to see with new eyes, to make new evaluations regarding what you want and what you need. Youíll come to see that you have a lot more going for you than you have fully recognized. Yes, it is a good starting gate.

Whether you have been developing it for awhile or whether it is sprung on you suddenly, the stars are building you on a new financial or relationship status platform.

As of April 7/8, Mercury and Mars are on a rev-it-up. By the middle of the month, the lunar eclipse puts life on full steam ahead. April 14/15, it can hit all at once. By April 17 when Venus trines Jupiter, you should feel like you are getting somewhere better.

Easter Sunday through the following Wednesday, the stars are fully loaded. These few days are at a transitional, switch/track, or free-it-up peak. You canít hold anything back; youíll have to jump the train.

April 24 through the end of the month can situate you someplace good. The solar eclipse on April 28 begins a lucrative net worth/self worth chapter. While the stars are still in the throws of rearranging lifeís landscape, greater security can be gained from here.

~ from the Eye of Rosed Libra ~ Sept. 23 to Oct. 23

Right out the starting gate, Aries month is sure to thrust you into plenty of new personal and relationship territory. You can find yourself with a fight on your hands. The battle against yourself could be a tough one too. On the opposite end of things, you could find yourself supercharged about a fresh opportunity, new relationship or cause.

One way or another, the Aries new moon on March 31 and the days that follow are likely to springboard you in a way you didnít anticipate. It might come on suddenly, or jump out at you unexpectedly. If all the signs point in the same direction and it feel right to you, thereís no need for hesitation. Itís the time to jump into full-tilt action. If you are over thinking it or twisting yourself around to accommodate someone else, then its time to start playing hard-ball with yourself. Itís all big stuff in the first week and thereís no fence sitting allowed. Sun/Uranus on April 2 and Mars opposition the sun on April 8 should make options and choices clear cut. If you still canít figure it out, look to April 14 Ė 16 or April 20 Ė 23 to lay it straight for you.

If someone or something new appears on the scene, you wonít waste any time at all on the introductory phase. Youíll find yourself hot and heavy into it/them right from the get-go. This is your clue that karmic recall is a strong factor regarding how the destiny is unfolding. Even so, recognize that this is a moment not for replays of the past, but for making tracks through fresh and liberating new ground. You can do it!

April 14 Ė 16 there can be tough talks or negotiations to do. It is a time to lay it on the line. April 17 can be a lucrative day to feel it out or to handle money matters. Itís also a good time to let yourself off the hook and to switch into holiday mode. April 20 to 23 the stars are stacked. This can be a difficult time but it is also one of moving past the past and/or of hitting it full thrust. By April 24 through the end of the month, you should find yourself gaining more solid ground.

~ from the Eye of Rosee Scorpio ~ Oct. 24 to Nov. 22

The heat is turned up as high as it can go. Your sign usually thrives on intensity, so perhaps youíll say that Aprilís stars suit you very well. A financial potential or relationship involvement can show rich promise.

A new project, job, or line of work hits the speed track now. A health matter or relationship conflict can give you a run for it too. This is a ďtry it on for size, work it out as you go alongĒ month. Whether you find yourself on a thrill ride or you feel hit up sideways by circumstance, expect to be jettisoned along an exponential learn curve. The good thing about this is the opportunity to race through the trial and error phase and/or to make fast corrections or without wasting much time.

Aries stars will keep each and every day full-to-the- brim busy. Emotionally or information wise, the days around the lunar eclipse can be jarring or instigating. Watch for more to surface, perhaps a lot more. The eclipse can reveal a hidden ace or a saving grace. Too, it could reveal whoís on your side and whoís not. A difference of opinion, style, or method could need sorting out. You could butt heads with someone one too, but it is good to get it out into the open so that it can be cleared up. The days just after the lunar eclipse look productive in this regard.

April 20 to 23 the stars are particularly active, catapulting and/or stressful. You could feel pulled from all sides. Although you may take time off for Easter, donít expect it to be a relaxing few days. With Uranus and Mars so active, it is important to be ready for anything goes. Still, if you canít hold off any longer, to squeeze in something extra, or to take a quick trip, itís the time to do it. Keep your plans and time flexible. When the momentum is right or the opportunity strikes, fire the rocket.

Although April 27 is another date to keep on watch for, April 24 through the end of the month, you can gain a better handle of things. The Solar Eclipse of April 28 places you at the beginning of a lucrative new contract, professional or relationship adventure. It is one that can increase your social profile, your public popularity, and/or professional standing. It is a good time to make a more legitimate commitment Ė to another, to yourself, to your professional or material ambitions.

~ from the Eye of Rosef Sagittarius ~ Nov. 23 to Dec. 21

An exceptional, perhaps exhilarating month lies ahead. Whether you have started on it already or it takes you by storm, something new is about to jettison you, perhaps in ways you didnít expect. The first week of April sets major wheels in motion.

Aries is the month to bring it to life, to liberate yourself or to try something new on for size. A new lifestyle, social circle, or income source launches you on your way. Youíll continue to break plenty of new ground. Your creativity can be on fire. Sudden strokes of genius or good luck moments can be sprinkled throughout the month. Of course, eclipses are known to shake up the status quo. There can be a few disconcerting carpet-pull moments too, especially so if you are depending on another to come through for you. Then again, you can be surprised when a key relationship makes a complete turnaround. People can surprise you. It is a time of abrupt endings and fast track beginnings or resurrections. What was off can turn on. What was on can take an abrupt turn. Also, someone may need more of your time and attention.

When something or someone new shows up, youíll know instantly whether its right for you or not.

Family relationships and finances can be on the upswing. Of course, there can be added expenses too, but over all, your stars appear to be on an improvement track.

The solar eclipse of April 28 brings benefit to work and health related matters. It bodes well for steady employment, a new work contract, greater daily productivity and more lucrative opportunities. A more substantial investment of time, money or heart is required but thereís most definitely value in the act.

~ from the Eye of Roseg Capricorn ~ Dec. 22 to Jan 20

A big, perhaps life altering, month lies ahead. If it hasnít already hit, get ready for it. And when it does, itís one thing after another in rapid fire succession.

Pretty much every area of your life is on a major overhaul. Expect to confront a lot, to cross a number of thresholds, and to make a number of fresh breakthroughs in the month ahead. Aries stars put the emphasis on home, real estate, and family matters. Mars and the lunar eclipse of April 15 put an added emphasis on career, professional contracts or commitments, marriage, or legal matters, investments, parents and parenting matters.

It is an ideal time to make a break for it, to thrust yourself full-tilt into a new life and a new you. This is not a time for half-way measures.

It must be said, with so much concentration in the sign of Aries, things can heat up fast. There can be abrupt circumstances, anger, arguments, stiff competition or resistance, volatility, eruptions, etc. Also, you could find yourself at odds with the system or with someone in charge.

No matter how unexpectedly life shapes up, the stars will make the way forward very clear cut. Change, progress and results can come faster than you expect. It may be a lot to deal with all at once, but you can do no better than to take the ride. Contracts and investments to do with real estate or professional matters are favoured.

April 24 through the end of the month, youíll a lot fall into place and smooth out. The solar eclipse on April 28 is occupies one of the best positions of your chart. It begins a lucrative, creative, and productive cycle. It bodes well for financial and emotional security and gain, for personal growth, satisfaction, and reward, for creative endeavour and for fruition in the love department too.

~ from the Eye of Roseh Aquarius ~ Jan. 21 to Feb. 18

If you havenít been able to get there yet, you will now. Start of the month pushes your refresh button. Youíll find yourself thinking, talking, and moving along new lines Ė and in a jiffy too. Once the ice is broken or the first step is taken, itís off to the races time. In this regard, the first week of April is productive.

While Mars continues in retrograde, your attention is re-directed and rightly it should be. Your first priority should be to get yourself up and running, everyone else comes after that.

Have you fallen off track with something, or havenít had the time, tools or coping skill to take it further? Is there something missing or something more that you need to find? Is there someplace to go, something to do, someone to meet or to finish off with? Mars retrograde, Ceres, and Vesta in Libra help you to go back over ground you may have missed, to go back over territory or prospects that have been overlooked or bypassed on a previous go around. The stars can also help you to build on a previous success. Along with the Libra eclipse, they resurrect a key karmic storyboard that is now ripe and ready for its next chapter.

Watch for the lunar eclipse in Libra on April 15 to deliver important news or results, a long awaited opportunity, or to bring something major out into the open. Too, someone could resurface, or make an entrance or take an exit. To the plus, this eclipse increases options, possibilities, and potentials. It can increase good fortune, but know that things can also turn, reverse, dislodge, or flip-over on a dime. There can be significant added expense or significant added profit and gain. The eclipse holds an extra element of surprise, speed, suddenness, or disruptiveness. Stay alert for anything goes and please put added safety measures in place. Be especially careful on the road, when travelling, with all sharp edges or sharp-edged people, guard your passwords, protect your computer, your assets, and your intellectual property; donít over-expose yourself on social media, etc. A legal matter or long standing conflict could come to a head. Even if you find yourself with a formidable fight on your hands, it is time to get it out of the way so that you can enjoy clear sailing ahead. The eclipse aims to help you forge new actual and karmic roads. It can be a harbinger of better days ahead.

April 20 to 24 can help you to break out of a stalemate, to break free, to finish the fight, conflict, or negotiations, and/or to surpass something that has held you up for far too long. Past this point, youíll see even more fall into place. The solar eclipse of April 28 will get you more firmly implanted. This eclipse can begin a new personal, home, and family chapter. Youíll get out of it what you put into it. The eclipse launches a lucrative time to invest in real estate, to start renovations, and/or to increase your emotional and financial security base.

~ from the Eye of Rosei Pisces ~ Feb. 19 to March 20

Itís time to explore new options for yourself. Aprilís stars provide excellent fuel to launch you on your way. Your creativity, potentials, and opportunity can be at an all time high. When you stumble upon something or someone that is right for you, youíll find yourself on an especially rapid track. It will feel exhilarating, like you canít wait to see whatís next. If you are still holding on a way of living that isnít well aligned with your soulís evolution, then the stars may give you a strong kick in the ass. When push comes to shove, you will discover emotions, resources, and resourcefulness you never knew you had.

The lunar eclipse of April 15 can see you make a creative, relationship or financial breakthrough. You can find yourself spurred to jump into or out of something, perhaps suddenly so. Follow your instincts, call the spade, lay it all on the line. Still, try to avoid a reactive outburst. Priorities and commitments can shift from here. Venus building a trine aspect to Jupiter through April 17 suggests that whatever the lunar eclipse surprises you with, you stand to gain.

Stay alert. Someone may need to you to advocate or to take over for them when they canít manage for themselves. April 20 to 23 keeps you on your toes. It can be an intense, rapid pace few days when everything hits at once. April 24 onward, you should gain a better equilibrium. The solar eclipse of April 28 defines the shape of things to come. It can help you to be a more effective communicator and to gain more consistency as you work your way from A to B.

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