tsunami tragedy

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tsunami tragedy
      We are all reeling from the vast impact of the massive cataclysm that has rocked the Indian Ocean (see map), and I know that you join me in sending all the Love and Light we can muster, as well as money, food and supplies, wherever possible. I felt compelled to write about this 'from my window,' as some of you have asked about the astrology of it all, and I had some deep impressions as I studied the charts and data.

      This gigantic tsunami incident, affecting so many in so widespread an area, is another huge indicator that the ONLY real protection anyone can have against being involved in this kind of disaster (besides good karma) is their Intuition!!! Obviously, if it is really their time to go, their Intuition will take them there anyway, but likewise, if there is any way out of it, their Intuition is also the most reliable guide, since it is not bound by time and space and what we think of as 'factual' information!

      I was prompted to write this article after receiving news from a friend that her best friend's daughter and her boyfriend were actually sleeping on the beach in Phutek, Thailand, the night before the tsunami! Fortunately, they suddenly changed their plans and went to Cambodia that day rather than staying on another night! Some of you also heard about the couple I know who stood before the Twin Towers only 20 minutes before the first plane hit on that fateful Sept.11, and saw dark clouds over the buildings and most of the people's heads, and decided that something was very wrong and chose NOT to go up to the Observation Deck as planned, but almost ran for the library a few blocks away! Pay attention to those hunches. They may save your life!

      At the time of the Venus transit across the face of the Sun last June, an article by C-J. Calleman and Anders Bjärstedt, Imagine a World Without Secrets, talked about how history reports that each 'Venus transit' (every 100+ years) is followed by a huge leap forward in global communication of one sort or another! The authors suspected that this time it will be of the telepathic variety. Well, now wouldn't that just make a whole lot of sense?!! A close friend Nils, keeps reminding us to keep our 'telepaphones' turned on! Good idea!!

      First of all, just nine hours before the earthquake occurred (Chart here) at 7:59am (-7h) on Dec.26, Mars (sudden, violent action) had moved from 29º59'Scorpio (as intense as it gets) to 0º00'Sag.(explosion)! In a Quincunx (150º = adjustment, health, death) to that, the N.Node shifted (after 19 months in Taurus) from 0ºTaurus back to 29º59'Aries, literally between the times of the earthquake, including the first waves hitting Thailand and Sri Lanka, to when the tsunami hit eastern Africa a few hours later (Chart here)!!

      We might easily see the symbolism of the S.Node (source) at 29ºLibra (cooperation, peace) insisting that people come together GLOBALLY to help each other, rather than condemning and fighting and killing. Saturn is on its last Rx in Cancer (25º) and is standing exactly opposite Chiron (eternal wound) in Capricorn, 'pointing' to our global (patriarchal) 'wound' of trying to overtake and control, rather than support and nurture each other. I noticed that Somalia, hardest hit of the African nations, and Sri Lanka, which suffered such massive losses, have both been immersed in civil war for several years, and are being challenged to open their 'closed doors' to allow foreign aid into the country. At last notice the Muslim factions had burned some of the rescue goods and refused to allow the Israeli Army to assist them. I also heard from a private source that Banda Aceh was the HEADQUARTERS for the Muslim terrorists who have been responsible for the bombings in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia!

      The chart for the exact time of the initial earthquake has 21ºCap. Rising, with the East Point at 23º and Chiron at 25º. Opposite that is Uranian planet 'Vulcanus' (yep, volcanic) 23ºCancer with Saturn at 25º (ruling the chart). I happened to look at the Heliocentric chart and Saturn is at 23ºCancer, making an exact conj. with Vulcanus right on the Equatorial line, East/West Points! (all Angles are Action Points)

      I find it interesting that it happened at Christmas/Solsticetime, when we are meant to be checking our stores, counting our blessings and snuggling down for the winter. Most of the people so deeply affected were either poverty stricken, or wealthy by comparison, in that they were vacationing over the holidays 'far away' from home. This is reminiscent to me of the opposition itself. You can't get any 'farther away from home' than 180º of the circle. Maybe there is a symbolic message here for all of us about caring for those less fortunate than ourselves, or caring for those left at home, or homeless, or maybe even just seeing the contrast and the way our resources are being used, or abused. The 'experts' said that the main reason that no warning system has been put in place in the Indian Ocean is because of the limited resources those countries have in the first place. They have a much more frequent threat from hurricanes and typhoons than they do tsunamis, and so again it boils down to money.

      During this catastrophe, like all others, there was suddenly no difference between 'me and thee' - the rich and the poor alike found themselves battered, tumbled, stripped naked or even killed by the waters that violently tore through their peaceful sunny afternoon. Cries of help, looks of despair and the pain of loss crossed all previous barriers that may have separated these folks. The survivors were instantly thrown into a shared reality of shock, horror and devastation, regardless of where or even 'who' they had been only five minutes before. The stories are eerily reminiscent of those that came out of the 9-11 tragedy.

      Saturn in Cancer is like the Mother Bear who never takes her eyes off her cubs. Perhaps as 'The People' on this planet it is time we took a harder look at what we are doing to it and to the others who inhabit it with us. Perhaps it is time we took responsibility for our 'social karma' and the ways in which we can increase global awareness. Remember 'We Are the World?' I mean, (here comes Aquarius) 'tourists' go over there so cheaply to be treated like royalty in paradise, when these people who are serving them live in squalor! Something seems amiss, and maybe Mother Nature is setting about to rectify it. After all, the N.Node (destiny) was at 0ºTaurus (core level Gaia) when the earthquake occurred, signalling a vital reassessment of what we value most.

      From a horary perspective, the only aspect the Moon made after the earthquake was a sesqui-square (135º) to Neptune (28ºGemini to 13ºAq.), 'god of the sea' and higher octave of Venus, as Universal Love! When I clicked on the built-in interpretation for that aspect in Solar Fire, it said, "Flooded (no kidding) mind and feelings. Confusion. Overinformed. Uncertainty of the future. Weird dreams. Messages become blurred." Well, I guess so! I would add that from a soul perspective, this aspect would be a cry for compassion and healing, the sesqui-square carrying much of the angst of the square and the quincunx combined, forcing a view from a new angle.

      In fact, the geologists are telling us that some of the islands off the coast of Sumatra may have actually moved by as much as 20-30 meters, and the northern tip of the main island is now submerged as much as five miles inland, and the city of Banda Aceh is largely destroyed! The world map has literally changed! The 9.0 magnitude of the quake actually wobbled the earth on its axis by an INCH and caused a hiccough in its orbit, as well as speeding up our day by three micro-seconds (.000003 of a second)!

      Neptune is our Higher Self and spirituality, as well as our delusions and blindness. It is time to polish our lenses. We need to learn to look ahead through our Third Eye, to let in the Light that will clear the clouded vision of the physical eyes! One man in Thailand told of his small son who stood at the shoreline mesmerized by the water being sucked out to sea until Dad grabbed him and they ran to safety. This is Neptune. The more we can tune-in to the higher vibrations of its signals, the more we can escalate our own personal harmony and our part in the global Ascension process.

      A personal fantasy of mine right now would be to ask the survivors what they were thinking or feeling beforehand, when they booked their flight, or when they boarded their fishing boat or when they lay down on the beach in the sunshine. I know that the symbols are always there. I am curious as to how each of those thousands of souls experienced their path into and through this disaster. I am reminded that 'dis-aster' means 'without the stars' (i.e. out of alignment). The quincunx is obviously the most likely aspect for slipping out of the flow, and not necessarily even realizing it right away. Many of the eye witnesses spoke of the surreal nature of those few seconds when the world turned into Chaos. Several said it was 'like a movie' or that they were sure they must be dreaming. Neptune!

Maybe we can dream a global dream and create a new hologram.
... through the looking glass ... ~sandmuse~
World Peace
©2004, December 28 - Sandy Hughes

addendum, Jan.4, 2005
      A few afterthoughts have surfaced...   First of all, the psychic reports are flooding in that the people who perished in this tsunami catastrophe are being congratulated as they crossover, as Special Souls who have completed a 'special mission' in a long-standing karmic situation on this planet. Just as the charts indicated, the psychics too are saying that this is a huge lesson in global compassion, communication and cooperation. My ears are ringing with recall; this is precisely what was predicted in the article mentioned above, re the Venus transit last June!

      Can we pull together 'as one' to help our earthly companions, rather than continually fighting and killing each other? Might this also be another angle to the Uranus/Neptune mutual reception (Dec. 30, 2003 - Mar. 12,2011)? (Uranus = sudden upheavel & Consciousness, Neptune = the sea & Compassion) As I pondered all of this earlier, I was suddenly reminded that seven years ago, when both Lady Diana and Mother Teresa died within five days of each other, I had suggested that no other event might evoke as much worldwide compassion as the passing of those two Ladies. Obviously, this current crisis is doing just that. In fact, I recall that Spica, the star of highest protection, was prominent in both deaths in 1997. On the day Mother Teresa passed, Diana was being buried, and there was a Moon-Venus conjunction on Spica, at 21ºLibra. It felt as if two sister angels flew away together.

      The event chart for the moment of the 9.0 earthquake had 21ºCap. Rising, square that point. Then I noticed that Chiron was 29ºLibra when Lady Di passed, but had moved to 0ºScorpio five days later when Mother Teresa left us. Ring any bells? The S.Node moved from 0ºScorpio to 29ºLibra between the rupture of the earthquake itself and when the waves hit eastern Africa! Dare we even suppose that these two blessed ladies with their teams of angels were 'over there' waiting to receive these recently traumatized souls? All indications are affirmative.

      I also wanted to add that when I talked about how our intuition might keep us from tragedy (above), I did not mean to imply that the people who were involved should not have been there. I am sure that many of the survivors had also agreed at a soul level to 'be there' when it happened, perhaps to make sure that some who were not meant to die, would be saved. Some were there to enhance rescue operations, and many tourists spoke of how they 'simply could not leave, and had to stay and help,' while others couldn't wait to go home, but will still be spreading the word and sharing their experiences, which have forever changed their lives.

      It has also been suggested ~ for the more adventurously minded of you to ponder ~ that this whole thing might also be a test of a higher order, to see if we can actually work together harmoniously as a Global Community, in preparation for working with our space-travelling brothers and sisters as a Galactic Community. Not so far-fetched an idea at all, as far as I can see.

      In case it didn't occur to you, the reason we have 'lost' three micro-seconds of our daily axial spin, is because the earth actually got smaller when the edge of the Indian Ocean plate forced its way under the Indonesian plate holding Sumatra! The result is that our days are now that much shorter and Time continues to speed up! We are definitely shifting into a higher gear!

      Dr Brian Baptie, a senior seismologist with the British Geological Survey, explained that Sumatra is right on a tectonic plate boundary. As the Indian Ocean plate moves roughly northeast and collides with Sumatra, it gets subducted underneath the Indonesian plate and breaks up, which caused the earthquake.

      The rupture is about 1,000km long and generated a vertical displacement of about 10m, which created this huge tsunami.

taken from BBC's web-site
Blessings and Love, ~ Sandy

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