Uranus/Pluto, An Awakening Force:

On June 24, 2012, (1:14 am PDT) Uranus and Pluto meet for the first of seven dynamic alignments. The last will occur in March of 2015. Between now and then we will pen an introductory chapter for a most significant new day of collective reckoning. Whenever Uranus and Pluto align, our reality base is reformatted in some radical, sharp-edged, and irrevocable way. A lot happens over a short period of time, sometimes in a sudden flash. Collective evolution accelerates. Personal lives are forever altered too. The impact of these years on your personal life will depend on your chart, but even so, major change is inevitable for all.

Uranus/Pluto alignments bring the amazing into being and convert it to the norm. Intellectual, cultural, social, political systems and geophysical landscapes can be radical altered. This outer planet transit serves to shatter the crystallized structure of our conditioned consciousness and its response mechanisms, and to enforce an end to that which has already expired. Included on this demolition docket are the outmoded concepts and justifications that perpetuate the repeating-loop living patterns of our everyday reality.

The next few years mark a catalytic time-has-come-moment for the Uranus conjunct Pluto folk born in 1960ís and also for the Uranus square Pluto folk born in the first half of the 1930ís. The 1960ís synodic conjunction brought humanity to the doorstep of a new social world order. The 2012 to 2015 Uranus square Pluto alignment marks the first quarter threshold of this bigger picture agenda.

As is readily evidenced everywhere, the weight of the past now bears down on the present with significant knee-buckling force. Global economic and political uncertainty, social unrest, corruption, violence, extreme weather patterns, alarming climate changes, compromised growing seasons, rising water levels, and increasing seismic activity Ė the consequences of the past are shaping and dictating to where we take it from here.

The moment cannot be side-stepped. Breaking it down in order to build it better, Uranus/Pluto thrusts us onto the critical fissure lines between yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Pluto correlates to the core motivations of the soul, our bigger picture evolution, the process of regenerative and reincarnation. When Pluto is activated, we mine from the core of soul consciousness, desire, and need. Pluto transits compel us toward profound inner and outer growth.

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. Its influence accelerates and revolutionizes. The effects can produce the eruptive, erratic, sudden, surprising, electrifying, extreme, shocking, irrational, and traumatic. Uranus also correlates to cellular memory, brain and nervous system functioning, insight, foresight, and intuition. Uranus emancipates that which is ready to be set free. It sparks the creative flint of individuation, liberation, invention, and scientific advance. Whenever Uranus is activated, the status quo is purposefully disrupted. Synchronicity sets in to faster motion. Uranus ushers in new knowledge, technology, political, cultural, and social movements. Uranus transits ignite revolution, contagion, and wild-fires. Life changes in ways we could not imagine nor fathom previously.

Combined, Uranus and Pluto are hot-wired for action. When push comes to shove, they can be volatile and explosive. This is a formidable, overpowering and overtaking force. Life can come at you in unexpected and disconcerting ways. Change may occur in an instant, but the effects are long lasting. So whatís going to happen? It is already headlining today's news. Take a look around you, take a look inside you. It is already in the works.

There may or may not be an actual event catalyst or sudden disruption in your life, but know that as each of the seven Uranus/Pluto exact alignments occur, another significant line in the sand will be defined. At each one of these informing marker points, we gain a glimpse of the potentials that lie ahead. In symbolic reference to the entrances of sacred temples of the ancients, perhaps we can consider each of these seven alignments as our purification threshold.

One way or another, you will meet with your tomorrow. One way or another we will meet with our tomorrow. We must not fear it, we must welcome it instead. We must label what comes next as desired progress, even though it means leaving the past behind, even though it means giving up to get, and even though we arenít sure of what we are getting ourselves into. New potentials must be gifted with room to reveal themselves, to grow, to flourish, and to demonstrate their truth. We cannot do this adequately if we stayed buried under the crush of bedrock that we have misidentified as our security blanket. It is a time to evaluate what is of use and to refortify it, but it makes no sense to preserve what hasnít worked so far. We must not stave off the inevitable. This is not a time to stay on the freeze frame of what was, it is a time to bring ourselves up to speed with what is. We need to catch up to our present opportunities, to actively seek to form a better alignment with the future that racing ahead of us. Whether spurred by inspiration, outrage, or life-on-the-line our drive and creativity can be unlimited. Employed to the greater good, tenacity directed toward triumph is one of the great gifts of this transit.

Resistance to change is great folly now. It will only lead to reactionary whip-lash and a more dramatic carpet-pull later. (The Arab spring, the Occupy movement, the student protests, Mother Natureís growing discomfort Ė witness the revolution in its inception.) The evolutionary pressure will peak at each of the seven Uranus/Pluto alignments.

On the individual level, much of our outer challenges can seem insurmountable. Life circumstances may not allow enough freedom to act. In fact, we are now more restricted than ever. However narrow the margins may be or get, there is always a way, always something more you can do for yourself, always something more you can contribute to the people and the world around you. When life just doesnít make any more sense, when futility, disappointment, or despair sets in and you feel like you canít carry on, do what comes naturally Ė breathe and then breathe some more. Sometimes it isnít about figuring it out, but about letting life take over and of rising up to meet it when it does. Even when life seems motionless, it is still moving you forward. With Uranus and Pluto so activated now and in the coming years, if you run out of answers, options, or energy, know you wonít be stalled for long. Uranus and Pluto are naturally stimulating and invigorating. When you canít find the strength, courage, or curiosity within you to take that next important step, simply stay alert for the winds of change. Once the unmistakable moment arrives - and it will - ride it. Let the wind carry you until you can source yourself again. While you wait, try to disengage from clock watching. Whether you can fully appreciate its workings or not, divine order has a wise sense of timing.

The past is already fully built. It must be left where it belongs. Turn your attention to the stirring new life force. The now is the breeding ground of exceptional opportunity. Let it grow on you.

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