Jason Davies

Creator of
Widget's Astrology World

Jason Davies, so young, so gifted, so generous!

The disbelieving shock that overcomes one upon hearing
of the passing of such a special soul, and especially one
so young, is all but paralyzing. Even as I type, however,
I can feel Jason's call to not be sad, but to rejoice in
his freedom. I only knew him on the web, but felt as
though we had been fast friends for a very long time.

My personal sadness runs deep for the loss of this illumined being, partly because he was the very first person to reach out to me through cyber-space. The irony grips me now,
as that first contact was made right after the sudden,
shocking death of another beautiful young soul, Lady Diana.

The night after her death I became almost obsessed with writing an article about her and her chart, before all the mudslinging would begin. I posted it at the Aquarian Zone, and Jason saw it. He wrote to me asking permission to include the article with others he was gathering to put on his web-site. I was delighted, and even more so, because he was in Wales! I was further tickled when he made
me a banner for my web-site as a thank you.

There is much I never knew about this fellow who called himself Widget, but I do know that he was always gracious, generous and extremely gifted. In 1999, I discovered the java-applet he had created to generate a random I Ching hexagram 'of the moment' on his web-site. He immediately told me to feel free to use it. His web-site Widget's World has dozens of such fun 'tools of the trade' for the visitor to use.

I found a certain degree of comfort on the first night I heard the news of Jason's passing, when I clicked on the I Ching page (with him in mind) and received Deliverance!  I had the distinct feeling that he was letting me know that
he was Home.

Jason's keen passion for astrology, his joyous generosity and his perpetual kindness will always be remembered. Thank you, Widget, for giving us all so much in so short a time! You can read more of his story at the
Astrologers Memorial web-site.

~ Go with Love, My Friend ~

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