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Knowledge IS Freedom!
FEATURING:   Marion Woodman
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Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride - Click to Order Now! Addiction
  to Perfection

- by Marion Woodman
'The Still Unravished Bride'
- If we try to control every-
thing in our lives by making sure it all 'goes right,' we inevitably deny ourselves the exquisite ecstasy of the 'ravished bride.'
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The Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation - Click to Order Now! Pregnant Virgin, The
- by Marion Woodman
'A Process of Psychological Transformation' - The trick, we are told, is to remain in (or regain) a state of virginal receptivity in order to give birth to the new self with which we are impregnated.
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The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter: Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa and the Repressed Feminine - Click to Order Now! Owl Was a Baker's
  Daughter, The

- by Marion Woodman
'Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa & the Repressed Feminine' - A penetrating look into the reasons why we stuff or starve ourselves, the loss
of self-worth and how to reclaim it.
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Leaving My Father's House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity - Click to Order Now! Leaving My
  Father's House

- by Marion Woodman
'A Journey to Conscious Femininity' - Follow the journaled journeys of three women out of the crippling, patriarchal confines of our society by leaaving behind external cultural demands.
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Chaos or Creativity? - Click to Order Now! Chaos or Creativity?
- by Marion Woodman
Living in a conflict-filled, confusing world can mean that 'chaos reigns,' but this book shows you how chaos can be used as fuel for fulfillment through creative activites.
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Sitting by the Well: Bringing the Feminine to Consciousness Through Language, Dreams and Metaphor - Click to Order Now! Sitting By the Well
    set - SIX cassettes
- by Marion Woodman
'Bringing the Feminine to Consciousness Through Language, Dreams and Metaphor' - A virtual retreat
without leaving home - rich, nurturing & satisfying.
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The Stillness Shall Be the Dancing: Feminine & Masculine in Emerging Balance - set of cassettes - Click to Order Now! Stillness Shall Be
  the Dancing, The

    set - TWO cassettes
- by Marion Woodman
'Feminine & Masculine in Emerging Balance' - Focuses on the emerging shape of our culture at the brink of the new millennium.
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Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body and Soul - Click to Order Now! Coming Home
  to Myself

- by Marion Woodman
'Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body and Soul' - Free yourself with 365 daily meditations and 32 watercolors, compiled by Jill Mellick & organized by themes crucial to women.
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